Since February 11th, when Love is Blind season 2 debuted on Netflix, there has been quite a flurry of activity. And while some couples appeared to be overcome by love, others didn’t seem to be. Kyle and Shaina are a perfect illustration of this.

After Shaina made the decision to leave Kyle in Mexico throughout the season, things between the two were rather tense. Additionally, Shaina’s admission that she still had emotions for Shayne while being engaged to Kyle didn’t help.

Who Is Shaina Hurley's New Fiancé? Know Complete Details!

As a result, when Kyle and Shaina truly split up, the audience was not startled. The drama is back, though, now that Kyle and Shaina are both thought to be in new relationships.

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Kyle was unaware that he was involved in a television love triangle.

After rewatching the season, Kyle admitted to ET that he was unaware that he was involved in a love triangle. He didn’t exactly sound like he was in a relationship with Shaina at the time. He added, “I had no knowledge any of that things was going on behind my back. “Watching it was a little difficult.”

“It stung. Watching Shaina tell Shayne that she still had feelings for him was difficult, Kyle said. It almost seems like she never said any of those things to me, so it was a knife-throwing move. And because I am aware of Shayne’s feelings for Natalie, I’m not upset with him. That one pricked. That was painful.

Kyle claimed that, while the situation was fair, he felt “annoyed,” “kind of sad,” and “a little bit upset.” He said, “I know that I gave it my all,” despite this.

Kyle said that despite the fact that they “were never solid,” he was “all in.” I assumed she was all in like I was,” he said.

Did Kyle and Shaina reconcile after their trip to Mexico?

Yes, but just for a moment. They made the decision to try again.

The following is where it gets very juicy: After filming, Kyle claimed that he and Shaina “went home together” and even “went out on a date off-camera,” which inspired them to try again with their relationship.

So, Shaina and Kyle still have a relationship today?

Sadly, their reconciliation didn’t last long.

I cherish Kyle. Shaina told ET, “I believe he’s a terrific dude, but that’s about it. We don’t actually converse. We don’t talk to one other,” Kyle admitted exclusively to Us Weekly. “Nothing is still left. We’re not pals or anything, I mean. She seldom leaves the house. That vessel has left port.

Notable: They continue to follow one another on social media. Despite this, Shaina has liked at least one of Shayne’s Instagram posts, which includes a picture of him on the set of Love Is Blind with the remark “Jeans: Torn Heart: TBD.”

Shaina is currently formally engaged.

Shaina shared that her new lover, Christos “Chris” Lardakis, proposed to her just 24 hours after they made their Instagram relationship public. She happily accepted his proposal. “Shaina is dating. This is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and she’s been dating Christos for over a year, a source told People. He has been there for her during the entire Love Is Blind drama, keeping her steady through the turmoil.

Shaina has previously claimed to have a “very serious” boyfriend on The Viall Files podcast. He has performed admirably throughout the entire affair. She added the moment, “I’m happy.

Shaina later confirmed his name on Instagram on March 13. She posted pictures of the couple on vacation in Greece with “My ride or die forever.”

Chris presently works as a general contractor in Chicago, Illinois, designing and constructing commercial structures, according to his LinkedIn profile. Prior to that, he was the creator and CEO of the Greek breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurant Kanela Breakfast Club.

In addition, Kyle is allegedly dating Deepti Vempati from the program.

Although the two have not officially acknowledged anything, speculations are flying. Fans began to wonder about Kyle after he admitted that not proposing to Deepti instead of Shaina was his “greatest regret” during the season 2 reunion.

The two have been appearing in TikToks together ever then. Deepti also kept the possibility of a relationship open, saying, “Kyle and I, we are working it out,” to Elite Daily. We had a close bond in the pods, which few people are aware of.

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Vanessa Lachey, the co-host, is totally down with a renewed romance between the two. It’s really stunning, she told Us Weekly. It’s time to return to the pods, and this is a continuation of the experiment that began with the program.

“The emotional connection is the cornerstone, and [Deepti] did connect with Kyle. The layers of the physical world, as well as your families, friends, occupations, and past, are added, and that really worked to their advantage.

It’s thrilling, in her opinion, to already be aware of your connection, and she said, “I believe it’s lovely to continue it in the real world when the show is over. (If you need me, I’ll be looking up evidence on their IGs and TikToks.)

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