Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend, Theodora Petalas?

On Friday night in Turin, Greece’s Stefanos Tsitsipas was in a match with Russia’s Andrey Rublev that he had to win or go home. After winning a perfect first set, Tsitsipas was doing well, but he couldn’t stop Rublev in the final set.

When his family wouldn’t stop talking from the sidelines, he also couldn’t hold back his anger. During a fast-paced third set, Tsitsipas was seen hitting a tennis ball toward his team, which made them move back.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is a Greek professional tennis player, in case you didn’t know. The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has ranked him as high as world No. 3, which happened for the first time on August 9, 2021. Together with Maria Sakkari, this makes him the best Greek player in history.

Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend, Theodora Petalas?

When it comes to his private life, the Greek athlete has been with the same person for more than three years. Tsitsipas has been very open about his girlfriend, unlike other celebrities who keep their personal lives very quiet. He is seeing Theodora Petalas, who is his girlfriend.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Stefanos Tsitsipas‘s girlfriend and their relationship.

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Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend, Theodora Petalas?

People think that the two met in New York through family friends. “I really liked her, but I was shy at the time and didn’t tell her,” Tsitsipas said. “ But when I was back in New York two years ago, I asked her on a date.

“I asked her to take some photos in Brooklyn, which I think she liked. I did take some photos, and my favorite ones are still the ones I took.

But they don’t live together because they are in a long-distance relationship. They don’t live together, and Petalas, Tsitsipas’ girlfriend, doesn’t go to all of his matches.

Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend, Theodora Petalas?

“It’s kind of hard for us because she lives in London,” he said about the situation. But thank goodness it hasn’t made us do crazy things. She comes to some of my tournaments to support me and spend time with me. My best friend is her… We’ve been talking every day for two or three years now.”

At the time, he also said that Petalas plays tennis. When they’re on the court together, it’s good that they both have a few hits. “My favorite thing to do on the court is playing with her,” he said. “It makes me smile big.”

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Know About Theodora Petalas, Tsitsipas Girlfriend

Theodora Petalas was born in Greece, but because of her job, she is now living in London. Her LinkedIn profile says that she works as a junior strategist for a London branding and marketing agency. Petalas has experience in the fashion industry. In 2015, she worked as an intern in sales at the London-based fashion house Mary Katrantzou.

Who Is Stefanos Tsitsipas Girlfriend, Theodora Petalas?

Before she moved to the UK, she lived in the US and went to school at New York University. She got a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science with an emphasis on technology and project management. In 2021, Tsitsipas said that he had been dating Petalas for two years.

Theodora doesn’t use social media sites. Maybe she wants to keep her life quiet and out of the public eye. There is this much known about her. Tsitsipas, on the other hand, talks about his girlfriend sometimes on his social media sites.