Lori Harvey has been dating Michael B. Jordan since November 2020.
The couple went Instagram official in January 2021 after two months of dating, but they haven’t revealed much about their relationship.

“I feel we’re both naturally private individuals. So, if we take a photo or do something else, do you want to share it with the rest of the world?” Aren’t we?”


“We know there are individuals who care about us, who want to see us, who love and support us,” says the narrator. As a result, [we] aim to provide just enough while keeping the majority for ourselves. “We’re trying to find a happy medium.”

Lori’s father, Steve Harvey, the host of “Family Feud,” first mentioned their relationship in March 2021.

“I tried not to like him,” Steve said in March 2021 on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” I tried to find something wrong with him that I could investigate… but I’d already ruled out all possibilities.”

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“He’s such a kind man, this guy. Man, he’s one of the nicest individuals you’ll ever meet “He went on to say more. “His father is someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve worked out a deal with him. We’ve been conversing for several hours. I’m at a loss for words as to what’s wrong with him… I hope this continues because he’s such a kind guy.”

Jordan “threw” Steve off “because he was so nice,” According to Steve

Steve first brought up Harvey and Jordan’s connection in September 2021. On “Entertainment Tonight,” he added, “This individual is not a spokesperson.” He appears to be precisely who he claims to be. It threw me off at first since he was so kind.”

“I thought to myself, ‘OK, this is the game, right?'” she explains. Steve made a comment. “But it wasn’t like that, man; this guy was honest, and he’s proven to be a very great person.” I’m cheering for him and for them both.”

“Look, man, it’s tough to be in a relationship in Hollywood.” Because there are so many traps and pitfalls, it’s pretty tough “He went on to say more. “Especially if you’re a kid,” says the narrator. It’s more challenging as you get older. However, it is difficult when you are young, but they are succeeding.”

Later that month, he said, “I’m pleased for my daughter right now.”

“I don’t talk about this stuff publicly, but I’m thrilled for my daughter right now.” “I really am. It’s the first time I’ve felt happy for her in a relationship. It’s also the first time she’s felt satisfied with herself.

“He’s just a nice guy.” If he wasn’t, he added, “Get him out of here because I have ways.” “But, man, I’m afraid I can’t say anything negative.” He’s just fortunate to have such a beautiful family, man. He’s a devout Christian.”

Jordan was named the public’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2020. Steve joked, “He’s hardly the sexiest man alive to me.” “I’ve never seen anything like it.” So far, I haven’t found anything appealing.

“However, I am the father of a child.” It makes no difference to me if you’re attractive. “All I want is for my princess to be treated the same way I do.”

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On “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Steve discussed spending Christmas with his daughter and Jordan.

After displaying Harvey an intimate shot of Lori sitting on Jordan’s lap, DeGeneres replied, “I’ve never seen that picture before.” That image gives me the creeps right now. “The photograph does not appeal to me.”

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve discussed spending Christmas with Lori and Jordan. Check out the complete video!!!

DeGeneres enquired about the “Black Panther” actor’s ability to give gifts. “Yes, absolutely. One of the reasons I appreciate him is because of this “Steve clarified the situation.

“That boy has arrived. He was trying to make a good impression on his family… He bought me a massive 100-cigar packet of the most difficult-to-find cigars because I’m her father. He packed a hundred of them into a large box and handed them over to me.”

“He presented my wife with a set of skis.” Who is it that is responsible for this? “You only give your potential mother-in-law skis because you want her to be your mother-in-law,” he continued.

“I’m pulling for him because he’s such a wonderful guy from a nice family.” That is why he has a special place in my heart. At the same time, I’m simply — you know, I’m keeping an eye on him. I won’t be able to whoop him, but I’ll knock him out if he ever turns around.”

Michael B. Jordan’s Net Worth

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor who has a net worth of $25 million. Jordan is most known for his appearances in “Fruitvale Station” (2013), “Creed” (2015), and “Black Panther” (2018), as well as the television dramas “The Wire” (2002), “All My Children” (2003–2006), “Friday Night Lights” (2009–2011), and “Parenthood” (2010–2011). Michael has won three BET Awards, five NAACP Image Awards, and a National Society of Film Critics Award for his work as an actor. Jordan’s voice may be heard in video games such as “Gears of War 3,” “NBA 2K17,” Wilson’s Heart,” and “Creed: Rise to Glory.” He has also appeared in music videos like Pleasure P, Jay-Z, and Snoh Aalegra.”

Lori Harvey’s Net Worth

Lori Harvey is a model from the United States who has a net worth of $1 million. Lori Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1997. Her parents are Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey. After a single-vehicle car accident in 2019, Lori Harvey was arrested and charged with misdemeanor hit and run.

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