Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend? Dating Rumors With Sansho Scott

Tinx, whose real name is Christina Najjar, is a popular TikTok personality, content creator, and social media influencer. She is most well-known for her impressions of “rich mom” on TikTok and for her mini-vlogs and suggestion videos.

She was born on September 19, 1990, in London, where she grew up. Tinx created her TikTok account in May of 2020, and it now has over a million followers.

Talking about her personal life, she made headlines last year when her relationship with Jeremy Kallen ended. Three months back, she had posted an interesting story about her new boyfriend to her Instagram account.

Here’s everything you need to know about Tinx’s rumored boyfriend.

Tinx Talked About Traits Of Her Boyfriend

Tinx did an Instagram Ask Me a Question session. Tinx answered all of the questions on her Instagram story. But some of them stood out to people (means related to her personal life). Here’s everything you need to know

Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend? Dating Rumors With Sansho Scott

She also told everyone how tall her boyfriend is.

Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend? Dating Rumors With Sansho Scott

When asked how she met her boyfriend for the first time, She stated this during a party. She does not say when or where it was happen, though.

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When a fan asked if her boyfriend was at home, she said, “No, I wish he was in Paris for work.” Another fan asked, “Is your boyfriend okay with you writing about past relationships?” Her answer was kind of cool. She replied, “I like that he’s very sure of himself. He gets it’s my job. He knows that you guys are my life. When I was making a list of what I wanted in my next relationship, one of the things at the top was “someone who understands that my relationship with my followers is very special and that they are my top priority right now.”

Is Tinx Dating Sansho Scott?

According to sources, it has been reported that Tinx might be dating the photographer Sansho based on her stories and what people said about them on Reddit.

Tinx and Sansho dating is a popular topic on Reddit. On this matter, everyone has a different point of view. “Yes,” wrote user Sea-Two-5349. Aside from posting a story saying he wasn’t Diplo (lol), the guy wearing the stinx necklace on her story also has a yin-yang necklace, and this guy has posted pictures of himself with the same necklace. “Soon, hard launch.” Some Sansho users say that she is using the app to introduce herself to famous people. User Socalgal327 said, “Oh my god. Go look at his Instagram to see how ugly he is. She’s totally using him to meet these “famous” people he’s taking pictures of or hanging out with. I’m not really surprised!!! Can you??.”

However, neither Tinx nor Sansho confirmed the dating rumors.

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Who Is Sansho Scott, Tinx’s Rumored Boyfriend?

Sansho Scott is an American photographer, according to his personal website. He was born on May 14, 1985. Born in the lower east side of New York City, he has always been around fashion and city culture. After living in Los Angeles for four years, he moved back to New York City to keep working. Sansho got his start in photography by shooting street style for online and e-mail marketing. Fashion is still his specialty, but he also does portrait, headshot, concert, travel, and landscape photography, among other things.

Who Is Tinx’s Boyfriend? Dating Rumors With Sansho Scott

Sansho is quite active on Instagram under the handle @sansho. He mostly posts pictures of his photography skills.