When superstar DJ Tom Zanetti and Made in Chelsea’s ‘Duchess’ Sophie Hermann met and fell in love in Celeb’s Go Dating’s Covid-friendly series in Spring 2021, filmed in a £30 million home in the English countryside, they gave us serious Millie Mackintosh and Pro Green vibes.

Despite hitting it off on television when they both failed to connect with members of the public, and Tom even making cameos in Sophie’s hometown of Chelsea, the relationship didn’t survive and the couple parted months later.

“We have gone our own ways, definitely,” Tom revealed the end of their relationship. However, I wish the duchess all the best.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating? Complete Relationship Timeline!

“We had a terrific time getting to know one other and creating lifelong memories,” he told new! magazine. “But we live very different lives and being so busy, we just couldn’t commit.”

Sophie also sobbed on Made in Chelsea about their breakup.

Tom Zanetti And Sophie Hermann’s Relationship Timeline

The E4 dating programme may not be the best at matching celebs with average people, but they’re great at matching clebs with clebs. Sophie and Tom have been linked since January, when filming for the covid-safe Mansion series began.

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“It’s not something we endorse, but obviously every series we do there tends to be wandering eyes amongst the celebrities,” dating expert Anna Williamson told Closer online.

While it’s not something we actively encourage, it is real, and Paul and I are there to see who might have a connection with someone else.

Tom Zanetti And Sophie Hermann's Relationship Timeline

After filming ended, Tom and Sophie attracted criticism for sharing social media footage of each other on what appeared to be a romantic Valentine’s Day date. It didn’t go over well with fans when Sophie was in Chelsea and Tom was in Manchester during the UK lockdown.

After quickly forgetting their V Day faux pas, Sophie acknowledged their relationship at a Q&A with fellow CGD sign up Chloe Ferry.

I love seeing you and Tom together, it’s really cute. Be a bridesmaid! Is there cake? “I’m not permitted at weddings because I get too drunk and wreck it,” Chloe exclaimed.

“We’re cute,” Sophie acknowledged. If we marry, I’ll be the first bridesmaid. Worry that you’ll be sloshed before anything starts.”

Soon Tom was gushing exclusively to Closer about his new lover.

“It was very natural.” “I met her on the first day, but I had no idea she liked me.”

So I was like, wow, who’s that? I had no idea. You couldn’t see us discussing a lot behind the scenes, and that was from day one.”

In April, legendary DJ Tom appeared on Made in Chelsea, and Sophie introduced him her best guy pal Fred as her boyfriend.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he told FUBAR Radio‘s Access All Areas podcast. But I expected it to be more like [the cameras] following you around. “I had no idea it would be put up like that,”

We have gone our separate ways, sure. “, Sophie and Tom unfollowed each other on social media in June. But I wish the duchess well.

Because we have such varied lifestyles and are so busy, we just couldn’t commit.

A few days later, Tom was linked to Instagram model Chloe Saxon after a night out was captured on camera.

After his romance with Chloe, Tom was photographed with Love Island’s Arabella Chi on the set of a fashion shoot in Ibiza.

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“They met on an I Saw It First filming last month and became fast friends,” a source added. “They’ve spent several nights together in Ibiza.”

We loved the couple and wished for their happiness. After leaving the mansion, Tom and Sophie remained together for roughly six months, proving that celebs dating stars on CGD doesn’t always work out.

So Tom could join Made In Chelsea with Sophie. Sophie informed us how he got along with most of the cast. “The beautiful thing about Tom is that he gets along with everyone,” she added in April.

“That’s a terrific trait to have.” And they all adored Fred, so it was vital.”

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