Who Is Valentino Rossi's Girlfriend?

Valentino Rossi born 16 February 1979 is a nine-time Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Champion and retired professional motorcycle road racer from Italy. With both Honda and Yamaha, he won World Championships in the premier class. With nine Grand Prix World Championships to his name, seven of which were in the premier 500cc/MotoGP class, he is widely regarded as one of the best motorcycle racers of all time. He is also the only road racer to have competed in 400 Grands Prix or more and wore the number 46 throughout his career.

Who is Valentino Rossi’s girlfriend Francesca Sofia Novello?

The couple, who have a significant social media following, announced on August 18, 2021, that they are expecting their first child.
Novello, a former professional underwear model, has appeared in Milan fashion advertisements.

She has a 430,000-follower Instagram account where she routinely publishes images of herself and her renowned spouse Valentino.

However, the former model, who disclosed she was assaulted as a teenager while working as a Moto GP grid girl in April, has not always had it easy. Vanity Fair quoted Sofia as saying: “In truth, it’s just another work, a milestone in my career that I’m pleased of”.

Who Is Valentino Rossi's Girlfriend?

“It’s difficult to work with individuals who stare at your butt when you walk by and touch your butt when you take a picture when you’re 19 years old.

“Motorsport is primarily a male-dominated sport. You must awaken; you cannot remain a smiling goose.

“I’m all for female empowerment. However, it is a component of the game, and it does occur.

“To be respected, you must first learn to appreciate yourself. You’re done if you let it go and show yourself to be “beautiful and foolish.”

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When are Valentino and Francesca Rossi’s babies due?

Valentino and Francesca Rossi announced their pregnancy on Instagram in August. The couple was photographed holding Francesca’s noticeable bulge, and the Motor GP driver even dressed up in a doctor’s outfit for the occasion.

“After a cautious visit, we can tell you that Franci is pregnant!” Valentino wrote on Twitter.

The couple has also confirmed that they are expecting a baby girl, although no date has been set for her arrival.

How long have Valentino and Francesca been dating?

Since 2018, the Formula One driver has been dating Francesca.

It came after the Italian’s high-profile breakup with former girlfriend Linda Morselli, who is now married to Formula One racer Fernando Alonso, in 2016.

However, since Valentino rekindled his romance with model Francesca, people have been keeping a close check on the couple’s growing romance as their social media presence has grown.

Who Is Valentino Rossi's Girlfriend?

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Their pregnancy news coincided with Valentino’s declaration that he would retire from Formula One racing at the end of the 2021 season, bringing his 25-year career to a stop.

He has just 28 points in this season’s Moto GP campaign at the time of writing and is way out of contention for his first championship triumph since 2009.