Who Is Vice Ganda’s Husband?

Filipino comedian, talk show host, TV host, actor, business owner, and singer Jose Marie Borja Viceral is better known by his stage name, Vice Ganda. He is a regular host on the ABS-CBN noontime variety show It’s Showtime, and eight of the movies he has been in are among the highest-grossing movies in the Philippines.

Vice Ganda doesn’t care if you call her male or female. She is non-binary. He has fought for queer rights and representation throughout his career. He is also the first openly gay person to be an endorser for Globe Telecom.

Who Is Vice Ganda’s Husband?

While talking about his love life, he said that he has been dating It’s Showtime extra Ion Perez since November 2018. They met in the city of Gandang Gabi Vice. In this article, we will talk about Vice Ganda’s private life and give you more information about him.

About Vice And Ion Perez’s Engagement

Vice Ganda surprised his fans this year on Valentine’s Day by telling them about his “wedding” to Ion Perez in Las Vegas in October of last year.

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On February 13, 2022, a vlog on the comedian’s YouTube channel showed that Ganda and Perez had a wedding commitment ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel, where they promised to “commit themselves” to each other. According to The Little Vegas Chapel’s website, these commitment ceremonies are “fake” weddings that don’t need legal paperwork and where the couple can only be called partners or a committed couple instead of husband and wife.

Who Is Vice Ganda’s Husband?

Meet Vice Ganda’s Boyfriend, Ion Perez

Ion Perez is the name most people know Benigno Dungo Perez by. He is a Filipino actor, model, and TV host. He is best known for being the Kuya Escort on Miss Q and A on Its Showtime. He usually runs the variety show It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN, which airs at noon.

Perez is the 11th in a family of 15. His mother sells kakanin and his father drives a jeepney. He has said in interviews that he was teased as a child because he was skinny. As a result, he pushed himself to get in shape and take care of himself. He used to help his parents run a store in a wet market where they sold chicken. After he got stronger, Perez would often take off his shirt to bring people to his parents’ stand.

Who Is Vice Ganda’s Husband?

Cosmopolitan Philippines, a fashion magazine, put Perez on their list of bachelors because he is a model. He also entered beauty contests. Perez won the Mister Universe Tourism contest in 2018 and was one of the winners of the Misters of Filipinas contest in 2017. He got more chances to be a model because he did well in pageants. He didn’t want to enter beauty pageants at first. His manager tried for three years to get him to enter beauty contests.

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Perez became a part of ABS-Showtime CBN. It’s the first time trying out for the role of “Kuya Escort” in September 2018. He got the job and ended up being a co-host on the show.