There are huge expectations for Wilson to produce this year because he was selected with the second overall choice in the NFL draught last year. Sam Darnold, the third overall selection, was released by the Jets in the hopes that Wilson would become their next franchise player.

Although he didn’t have the best first year, most quarterbacks had a difficult year in their first season. Despite being selected last and second last in the draught, Mac Jones and Davis Mills were the only quarterbacks to enjoy a successful season.

Wilson will enter his second year of college hoping to get better. After a promising debut season, Elijah Moore is expected to improve, and Corey Davis is anticipated to have another successful year. If not for injuries, both receivers may have had outstanding seasons in 2017.

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In his first season, Zach Wilson passed for 2,334 yards and nine touchdowns, figures that are expected to rise with time and a more potent squad. As the season progressed, he was also becoming better.

According to Zach Wilson’s former girlfriend Abbey Gile, his mother’s best friend has been sleeping with him.

Wilson and Abbey Gile have been seeing one other for a while. Since they were teenagers, the two have been connected. But recently, it appeared that things between the two had gotten worse.

Wilson posted a photo from their date in January of this year on his Instagram. Gile also captured a photo of the two on her account outside MetLife Stadium.

Things have really heated up now. Dax Milne, a WR for the Commanders and Wilson’s former BYU teammate, uploaded a picture with Gile over the weekend that gave rise to rumors that the two were dating.

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Gile was surrounded by onlookers who accused her of “homie hopping.” The comment infuriated Gile, who responded with a memorable message that is going viral. Zach Wilson was charged with having a relationship with his mom’s best friend.

The move has garnered a lot of positive attention from fans in the news. Social media is flooded with jokes about Wilson, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere.

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