Who Is Zaya Wade’s Boyfriend? Complete Info!

Dwayne Wade’s daughter, Zaya Wade, just uploaded Instagram images with her new boyfriend, and the two kissing has fans feeling a little old.

The 14-year-old was born to Siohvaughn Funches, a former NBA champion and his first wife. Many fans already know that the adolescent and his stepmother, Gabrielle Union, who is also Dwayne’s current wife, have a great relationship.

Fans were taken surprised by Zaya and her boyfriend’s age in the Wade family’s most recent lovely Easter photographs.

Zaya Wade introduces her boyfriend

On Instagram, Zaya Wade uploaded a collection of images from the Wade family’s Easter celebrations. Her father, Dwayne, was included in a number of the photos, and her new boyfriend was featured in two others.

While Zaya’s images showed the couple posing next to each other, Zaya’s boyfriend, Huaze Leo, only published a few cute photos of the two of them, one of which showed them kissing.

Zaya’s boyfriend said on Instagram that he and he are his pronouns. He routinely posts adorable videos of himself, his family, and his sister on his social media accounts.

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Zaya’s fans are surprised at how rapidly she has grown up. Only a few of them reacted in this way to her footage.

One person said, “It’s 14-year-olds running around pregnant,” yall mad because Zaya Wade kissed her boyfriend?”

Another person said, Zaya got a lil boyfriend. “lord WHEN DID MY NIECE GROW UP!”


“I just found out Zaya Wade refers to herself as having a lil friend, and I’m feeling very grumpy uncle about the issue,” another user shared his unhappiness with the situation.

The views of Dwayne and Gabrielle on raising a transgender daughter

Zaya Wade came out as transgender in the year 2020.

In a recent interview with Buzzfeed, Gabrielle Union emphasised the importance of loving Zaya carefully, boldly, and publicly.

“It’s critical that we live and love with conviction. We couldn’t understand why it was such a big issue because we adore all of our children. It is, however, a thing, and many people need an example. The public sorely needs that kind of representation.”

The views of Dwayne and Gabrielle on raising a transgender daughter

Dwayne spoke openly about raising a trans daughter in 2021’s Instagram Live with Today contributor Jill Martin.

The 40-year-old explained, “I do what I’d do in basketball.” “I’m going to seek help, and I’m going to work on myself,” she says. So if there’s something I don’t know in this life, it’s my obligation to learn it, especially if it comes from my children.”

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Zaya Wade’s Net Worth

Zaya Wade’s father, Dwyane Wade’s net worth is estimated to be at $170 million as of 2022.

Dwyane Wade is an NBA basketball player who presently represents the Chicago Bulls in the league. He began his professional career in 2003 with the Miami Heat and has come a long way since then.