Who Was James “Buster” Corley? Know About His Wife & Networth!

James “Buster” Corley, who helped start the chain of entertainment restaurants called Dave & Buster’s, has died. He was 72.

The body of Corley was found in his house on Monday, according to WFAA, an ABC station in Dallas. He was taken to a hospital where he later died. The authorities said that it looked like he shot himself in the head.

“Buster Corley had a stroke four months ago that hurt a lot of the part of his brain that controls communication and personality,” Corley’s daughter Kate told WFAA. “The family would like to be left alone at this time.”

Who Was James “Buster” Corley? Know About His Wife & Networth!

“Buster’s love of hospitality, demand for excellence, and deep care for his team were unmatched,” says a D&B representative. We feel bad for his family during this hard time. We will miss his wise advice and easy laugh, but the legacy he and Dave built will last.

Fans are now interested in what happened to his family, which he left behind. Keep reading to find out more.

Who Is James Buster Corley’s Wife?

“Buster” James Corley was married. He had two beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife. But we don’t know much about them. This is a very hard time for everyone in his family.

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Know About Dave & Buster’s Net Worth

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment has a net worth of $1.71B as of January 2023.

Dave & Buster’s Entertainment is one of the biggest owners and managers of high-traffic places in North America where families and adults can eat and have fun at the same time. This chain of restaurants is based on the idea that you can “Eat, Drink, Play, and Watch” all in one place. Under the Eat concept, the company offers a wide range of starters, burgers, choice-grade steaks, and healthy food. The business is split into two parts: Food and Beverage and Entertainment and Other Revenues.

The first Dave & Buster was opened in Dallas in 1982 by Corley and his business partner, David Corriveau.

In the late 1970s, Corley opened a restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, and just a few doors down, Corriveau opened a place with games and entertainment. According to Dave & Buster’s website, the two noticed that people often went back and forth between their businesses. They decided to start a new business that combined a restaurant with entertainment.

Who Was James “Buster” Corley? Know About His Wife & Networth!

They found an empty 40,000-square-foot warehouse on “Restaurant Row,” a two-mile stretch of I-35E around Walnut Hill in Dallas, to test out their idea. Corriveau won a coin toss to put his name first, so they called it Dave & Buster’s instead of Buster & Dave’s.

Dave & Buster’s has opened more than 140 locations all over the United States since it first started.

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In 2022, Restaurant Business wrote about the company’s deal to buy the Dallas-based food-and-games chain Main Event for $835 million. Dave & Buster’s is for young adults, but Main Event is more for families and young children.

May God give his soul peace.