Who Was Olly Stephens'Girlfriend?

Olly Stephens was lured to a field in Reading, Berkshire, where he was stabbed to death by two lads who were waiting for him.

Following a trial at Reading Crown Court, the 14-year-old boys were found guilty of murder. One was given a 13-year prison, while the other was given a 12-year punishment.

The 14-year-old girl was guilty of manslaughter and was sentenced to three years and two months in prison.

Heather Norton, the judge, told the three youths, “Whatever role any of you played that day – big or small – what you did was cruel and worthless.

Who Was Olly Stephens'Girlfriend?

“You’ve taken one life, ruined your own prospects, and brought so much suffering to so many people.

“What you did will have long-term consequences for you and Olly’s family.”

The penalties would be “unbearably short” for Olly’s family, but “unbearably long” for the defendants, according to the judge.

The trial heard that Olly’s killers thought he “grassed” on them to the brother of a boy they had insulted in a social media group conversation.

The jury was shown voice notes and text exchanges in which the boys discussed getting retribution.

“When I see him, he’s truly getting banged,” one message said.

Who Was Olly Stephens'Girlfriend?

“I truly despise the kid with a passion, and if I saw him right now, I’d definitely kill him or something,” another commented. The girl was hired to lure Olly to Bugs Bottom fields, near his house in Emmer Green, as part of a “set-up.”

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She implied in messages exchanged before the assassination that he deserved what was coming, describing it as “karma.”

Olly was caught on tape leaving his family home for the last time, gazing at his phone as he walked to meet the girl, thanks to a doorbell camera.

When he arrived, he had been stabbed twice, with one blade piercing his back 17cm (6.5in) and another cut in his chest 9cm (3.5in) deep. Olly’s parents claim to have received a tap on the door informing them that their son had been stabbed. They both ran to the fields, where they discovered their fatally injured kid being treated with CPR.

Who Was Olly Stephens'Girlfriend?

“The thing that stands out in my mind is when I stepped up to the field and everyone turned around – the dread was written all over their faces,” Olly’s father, Stuart Stephens, recalled.

Mr. Stephens argued that “social media has a lot to answer for” and that “it played a huge part in Olly’s murder.” He also chastised the killers’ “gangster mindset,” saying they must have felt like they were “in a video game.”

“He had such a big heart – he was very generous, very loving, very compassionate,” he said of Olly.

“We relaxed for a few moments, engrossed with getting on with life, and took our eyes off him for a moment,” Mr. Stephens said on the court steps after his sentencing. “It cost us and him a lot of money.”

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Mr. Stephens went on to say that he wants legislation amended “to safeguard our children, empower investigative police, and assist and encourage parents in navigating the hazards of internet victimization.”

“If it were up to me, no youngster under the age of 16 would own a cellphone,” he added. In addition, both boys were found guilty of perverting the course of justice.