Who Will Take Over The Daily Show After Trevor Noah? Leslie Jones, Chelsea Handler, Hasan Minhaj!

The Daily Show is a well-known American TV show that is watched by a huge number of people all over the world. So, the most recent change to this late-night satirical news and talk show is that its long-time host, Trevor Noah, has decided to leave the show.

Trevor Noah broke the sad news that he would be leaving the show in October. Who will take his place was a big question that was asked all over the internet. So let’s think about it and find out more.

So it’s not much of a secret that the late-night show’s ratings have been going down and the fact that Trevor Noah’s decision to leave the show after seven years shows that it has something to do with the ratings.

So, if we dig a little deeper, we find that Trevor Noah was named the host in 2015, after Jon Stewart was fired. At that time, “Who?” was the most common question he had to answer. ’. In fact, Trevor Noah wasn’t completely unknown at that time. When he was asked to host The Daily Show, he was already doing a comedy news show. Also, by the time he got the call to host the show, Trevor Noah was a well-known stand-up comedian.

Who Will Take Over The Daily Show After Trevor Noah? Leslie Jones, Chelsea Handler, Hasan Minhaj!

So, if the person who made The Daily Show so popular decided to leave after seven years, there is definitely something fishy going on. So, according to reports, Trevor Noah’s last episode will air on December 8, 2022, and the show will take a break until January 17, 2023.

So this week would be highlighted by the likes of Al Franken, Chelsea Handler, D.L. Hughley, Leslie Jones, John Leguizamo, Hasan Minhaj, Kal Penn, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, and Marlon Wayans, who are all well-known and interesting comedians. So, these well-known comedians with a lot of talent would fill the show so that it could move on to its next chapter.

More information about the show will be released soon, and Chris McCarthy, CEO, and President of Paramount Media Networks said in an official statement about Trevor Noah’s departure, “As we enter Trevor’s last week, we want to thank him for his many contributions.”

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Chris also said that they don’t care much about who will host the show because the most important thing to them is to connect with the audience in a friendly way, no matter who hosts the show. So, according to the network, they are trying new things and making the whole show over from scratch.

Since there are many people who could take over, the network hasn’t decided who it will be or if the person who takes over will be there for good or for a long time.

Trevor Noah Is The Most Famous Face On The Daily Show

Trevor Noah was like a miniature version of the late-night talk show, which made his career skyrocket overnight. So being the host of The Daily Show was the golden opportunity that came knocking at his door. When it was announced that we would replace Jon Stewart as the show’s host, he was already a well-known comedian outside of his home country of South Africa. So this new step by the network was a big deal because they were brave enough to pick a comedian that nobody knew.

So, when Trevor Noah took over as host, the show got off to a great start with his easygoing smile and sharp mind. So he just swoons into the lives of everyone in America, where white people are the majority, by making a huge space for himself in the industry.

But when we think about it more, Trevor was a well-known comedian who managed to represent a part of the world that no one really cared about. The African community was often left out of the news in the United States on purpose, which was very troubling.

Trevor Noah was definitely an outlier among late-night talk shows, and he had a huge effect on the world. He helped people who were groping in the dark see what he saw. He even gave the most common topics a totally new look, and people all over the world went crazy for his shows.

Who Will Take Over The Daily Show After Trevor Noah? Leslie Jones, Chelsea Handler, Hasan Minhaj!

His hilarious jokes and sharp words had a huge effect on the show in a way that no one could have predicted. People were raving about adding a random new guy to the show, but they couldn’t say a word when he changed the whole show in an instant.

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Trevor Noah talked about a lot of different things on his show, including the killing of George Floyd and the horrible things that happen to Black people. So Trevor Noah, who is 38 years old, has decided to leave the show after seven years of service. The seven years were without a doubt the best time for the show, and Noah’s name will be remembered for centuries to come.

Unlike the other hosts, who did a lot for the show, Trevor Noah really defined it, and his spirit was in every part of his surroundings. People were very impressed with how he ran the show. So, his sudden decision to leave the show would be very hard on the network. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait for the official announcements to find out who will take Noah’s place in the hot seat.