Why Did Cody and Andres Break Up? Complete Details!

It is unknown when Cody Rigsby and Andres Alfaro ended their relationship.

Twitter speculations claim that he was the reason why Rigsby and Alfaro broke up. But neither has made it known that they are no longer together.

According to their Instagram timeline, they appear to have split up in April of this year.
Both of them unfollowed the other on Instagram. They even went to considerable efforts to delete the tag from previously submitted pictures of the two of them.

The images were left in place. They undoubtedly don’t want their admirers to know that they are no longer a couple.

When none of them shared any images of the other on social media for a long, many began to believe that they had broken up.

Cody Rigsby and Andrés Alfaro once worked together. He currently works at Barry’s Bootcamp as a fitness teacher. Alfaro is a capable general manager with extensive experience in the fitness, wellness, and health sectors.

He is knowledgeable in the fitness industry, operations management, talent management, leadership, quality control, and customer service. He holds a bachelor’s degree in community health from Hunter College.

Despite months of not following one another on Instagram, neither of them has publicly declared that they are now a single couple.

It takes time to move on with someone else, though, especially since it was difficult to disclose their relationship to the world for the first time given that they were together for about four years.

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It took them nearly two years to be certain they were in love and declare it publicly so that others might judge and provide criticism. They have kept it a secret even if they have moved on and started dating someone else.

Is Cody Rigsby Single?

Now that Cody Rigsby and his four-year relationship with Andres Alfaro is over, he is single.

American dancer and fitness instructor Cody is well-known worldwide. After graduating from college, Rigsby landed positions with Pitbull, Saturday Night Live, and Katy Perry. He also had a few jobs in homosexual pubs and nightclubs.

Why Did Cody and Andres Break Up?

In 2011, he performed a dance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with Nicki Minaj.
He began dating Andrés Alfaro in 2018, but they kept their relationship a secret until March 2020. And it appears that they are no longer a couple as of April 2022.

Since they publicly confessed their love for one another, they have taken trips, attended live sporting events, and shared photos of themselves on social media

The Peloton coach previously discussed his relationship with his partner and how things got better once they made the decision to go public with their relationship in an interview with Vogue.

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Net Worth

According to some reports, Cody Rigsby’s net worth is expected to be around $5 million as of 2022. He immediately became well-known in the fitness industry and is now regarded as one of the top social media personalities in the country.

Why Did Cody and Andres Break Up?

His primary source of income comes from his position as a fitness teacher and health specialist at Peloton. Cody Rigsby earns $750 every class at Peloton.