Why Did Jeannie Mai Divorce From Husband Freddy Harteis?

Jeannie Mai has been in love with the rapper Jeezy for a long time. She recently got a hard divorce from her husband of ten years, Freddy Harteis. The woman who used to host a daytime talk show and is now an expert on fashion talked about her past.

Even though it was hard, she came out of it stronger than ever. When their divorce was finalized, Mai left with a new feeling of freedom, a body that was ready to kill and get revenge, and her general peace.

About Jeannie Mai And Freddy Harteis Divorce

Mai and Harteis got married in 2007. Mai was a fashion consultant and the host of her own makeover show on the Style Network. Harteis said that he was a “passionate outdoorsman” with a ranch in Colorado and a role as a hunter on his TV show The Hollywood Hunter.

Mai was very clear that she didn’t want kids, which she said later started to hurt her marriage.

The host said, “I was pretty clear before we got married that I probably wouldn’t have kids, mostly because I’ve never felt that way.” And since he’s getting older, he seems to want kids and has said so in public.

When Mai was seen without her wedding band, which made people think that she and her husband had broken up, she told The Real in tears that she was going to file for divorce.

Why Did Jeannie Mai Divorce From Husband Freddy Harteis?

He is still the best person I know, and I mean that in the most sincere way. She said, “He reminds me of my dad, so I married him.” “In the 13 years we were together, there was never any lying, betrayal, cheating, or anything like that,” she said. “He is very loyal, sensitive, funny, and a wonderful person.”

People say that Mai’s choice not to have children was the reason they broke up. She once said on the show that she had considered freezing her eggs but decided not to. On the official paperwork for her divorce, she said that they had “irreconcilable differences.”

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Harteis had a daughter with another woman a year after he and his wife broke up. They were going through a divorce at the time. Later, Mai said that the timing was strange and hinted that she thought he had started dating someone else while they were still together.

About Jeannie And Freddy’s Divorce Settlement 

Mai cried many times while her divorce was being filmed for The Real. Mai said she wished she had never married her now ex-husband when she was asked what she wished she had known sooner rather than later.

Mai said, “That’s strange because he used to say that you don’t really know a person until they don’t get what they want. But I didn’t think he was the one who would show me that.

Mai went on to talk more about how, after they broke up, Harteis allegedly asked her for money. She also admitted that she should have ended their relationship sooner and that she hadn’t paid attention to her gut feelings during that time.

Mai promised, though, that she would learn from her mistakes and not get angry by focusing on her health, wellness, and recovery. When it was decided to end the marriage, it turned out to be good for her in the long run.

Why Did Jeannie Mai Divorce From Husband Freddy Harteis?

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The Blast reported in January 2019 that Mai kept all of the furniture and artwork from their $1 million home in Sherman Oaks, California. She also got her clothes, jewelry, personal items, and money from different bank accounts.

With the help of star lawyer Marci Levine, she got to keep Mai Dream Inc., her investment in her entertainment company, and all the money she made after she and Harteis broke up.

Harteis ran away with three cars and a number of bank accounts. Because there was no prenuptial agreement, Mai gave Harteis a one-time, private payment. Neither side had to pay the other one spousal support.