Know About Franky Venegas’s Girlfriend As He Arrested For Domestic Battery

The Island Boys, a popular American social media personalities and hip-hop duo, have gained immense fame through their viral song “I’m an Island Boy” on TikTok. But recently, found himself in legal trouble. The 21-year-old TikTok sensation was arrested in Pompano Beach, Florida, on charges of domestic battery. The incident occurred when Venegas’s girlfriend reported to the police that he had slapped her and forcefully pushed her into a pool. The altercation took place during an argument at the pool area of their rented Airbnb, where the girlfriend threatened to end their relationship due to Venegas’s history of physical abuse.

However, behind their online success lies a tumultuous personal life. Franky Venegas, one half of the duo, has recently made headlines due to his involvement in a domestic battery case. This article explores the life of Franky Venegas, shedding light on his upbringing, criminal past, and the recent controversies surrounding his relationships.

Who Is Franky Venegas’ Girlfriend?

Franky Venegas’s girlfriend plays a crucial role in the recent controversy surrounding him. While her identity remains undisclosed, she has emerged as a key witness in the domestic battery case against Venegas. According to reports, she confronted Venegas about his abusive behavior, leading to a heated argument that escalated to physical violence.

Know About Franky Venegas's Girlfriend As He Arrested For Domestic Battery

However, according to several sources, Franky Venegas is currently in a relationship with Amina, a social media influencer and content creator who uses the alias Mina. The couple began dating in mid-2022, as mentioned in a social media post from June of that year. However, their relationship has garnered public interest due to allegations that Amina was underage. These claims were made by Toxiicfaiiry, who is Alex Flyysoulja’s former partner and the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Kaliya Venegas. It’s important to note that these allegations lacked substantiating evidence.

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Know About Franky’s Controversial Relationships:

Prior to his relationship with Amina, Kodiyakredd was involved with social media influencer and upcoming YouTuber, Montaisha. The couple went through a breakup in early 2022 following allegations of assault. In January of that year, Montaisha posted a live video on Instagram, tearfully revealing that she had been physically harmed by her boyfriend. She also shared images displaying facial injuries. In an interview on the We In Miami Podcast, Montaisha disclosed that their one-and-a-half-year relationship ended due to incidents of physical abuse.

It is worth mentioning that Alex “Flyysoulja” Venegas has a daughter named Kaliya Venegas with Toxiicfaiiry Tinkerbell, as evidenced by a TikTok video posted by Flyysoulja on January 2, 2022, where he mentioned her birth in early 2021.

Recent Domestic Battery Case Against Franky Vevegas

Franky Venegas’s personal life has been marred by allegations of domestic abuse. In January 2022, Montaisha Shanell accused him of regular physical abuse dating back to April 2021. Another incident occurred in March 2022, where Venegas was accused of battery after allegedly assaulting his brother’s girlfriend. Despite these accusations, no charges were filed against him at the time.

Know About Franky Venegas's Girlfriend As He Arrested For Domestic Battery

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In the most recent incident, Venegas was arrested for an investigation of domestic battery in Pompano Beach, Florida. According to legal documents, his girlfriend claimed that he slapped her and forcefully pushed her into a pool after she threatened to break up with him due to his abusive behavior. The girlfriend suffered bruises on her chin, legs, and arms from the incident, as confirmed by the police.

After his arrest, Venegas took to social media to address the situation. Sharing his mugshot with his followers, he stated that his arrest was not as it seemed and reflected on the challenges he faced, mentioning “24 hour lockdown” and “fighting demons.” The response from his followers was divided, with some showing support while others expressed concern.