Even while having an older brother or sister who is succeeding while you are suffering might be challenging, Phoebe from Everything’s Trash is completely in love with Jayden!

In a fictionalized version of herself, also named Phoebe, who is compelled to begin her adulting “journ-journ” when her brother, Jayden, begins a political campaign, 2 Dope Queen’s Phoebe Robinson stars. Only ET gets a charming glance at the sibling dynamics at work.

Jayden, portrayed by comedian Jordan Carlos, is a guest on Phoebe’s podcast “Everything’s Trash” in the exclusive footage. The political aspirant tells a caller that he began his career by enrolling at Columbia Law School and then spent eight years practicing nonprofit law.


The caller says to Jayden, “I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know much about you, but you seem cool,” and Jayden thanks him.

The caller asks, “Wanna thank me with your mouth?” before hanging up.

Jayden, Phoebe, and Malika (Toccara Cash), Phoebe’s closest friend and podcast co-host, respond to the exchange with amused disbelief, although as the 30-year-old observes, “She acts as she does. It’s how my supporters are.”

The siblings talk about how excited they are for Jayden’s opening celebration, which Phoebe and Malika tease will include a visit from the Obamas. Malika cracks, “Sasha and Malia are actually doing the catering.”

While quickly ending the jokes, Jayden pulls off a remarkable impersonation of former president Barack Obama declining the invitation. Salutations to Carlos!

In addition to acting in Everything’s Trash, Robinson also acts as the series’ executive producer.

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Everything’s Trash, But It’s Okay is a collection of Robinson’s articles. In a previously released trailer, fans got a glimpse of all the comedic messes Phoebe encounters as she “relies on her friends and close-knit family to help her figure out adulthood,” which includes: attempting to make it to an event in her morning-after clothes; developing feelings for her hook-up (played by Brandon Jay McLaren); dealing with the passive-aggressively annoying duo in the podcasting room next door, and potentially being attacked by an ow Typical millennial mischief.

The first two episodes of the show will air on July 13 at 10 p.m. ET.

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