Miles Bridges, a player with the Charlotte Hornets, has found himself at the heart of several unsettling claims.

Bridges were detained and accused of a crime last Wednesday. Mychelle Johnson, his wife, claims that the 24-year-old NBA player assaulted her brutally and violently.

Miles Bridges’ Wife’s Photos Leaked - Know the Story about all the Troubling Allegations that the Couple is going through!

In a later Instagram post, she said, “I hate that it has come to this, but I can’t remain silent any longer. “I’ve let someone abuse me in every way conceivable, destroy my household, and permanently traumatize our children.”

She continued by showing pictures of her wounds, including “a serious concussion and being suffocated till I went to sleep.”

Most of the pictures speak for themselves:

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A gossip blog published a number of images and videos over the weekend that purported to show Johnson having a good time and partying.

That imagery also largely explains itself:

The caption said, “This is a leak from a close buddy.” Because #MychelleJohnson has been showing up all weekend and her docs indicate that she has a variety of ailments, many Plastics who reside outside of Houston undoubtedly feel strongly about the matter.

“I realize that you shouldn’t condemn someone based on how they handle domestic abuse or any other horrific event in their lives, but right and wrong are absolutes. Mychelle is an equally aggressive party, according to several trustworthy sources. That in no way excuses anything that has occurred. Currently, a filthy game is being played, so all we can do is watch to see how it turns out in court.

Take what you will from that.

Bridges were charged with “a felony violation of 273.5(a) Penal Code, Intimate Partner Violence with Injury,” according to an amended LAPD statement announcing his arrest.

For Bridges, this was meant to be a very prosperous year. He is a restricted free agent, and it was anticipated that he would take advantage of this during the summer by signing a rewarding new deal.

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After his incarceration, concerns that his recent legal troubles would have a significant impact on Bridges’ NBA standing started to surface.

Unfortunately, domestic abuse is all too common in the world of sports.

Recent events range from a Los Angeles Lakers player seeming to hit his partner in front of the camera to prominent NFL quarterbacks being mistreated by their wives.

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