When Sheree Whitfield discovered that her disagreement with Tyrone was in the media, her emotions overcame her during The Actual Housewives of Atlanta episode on July 10. Evidently, the press had learned the truth about the fact that she had been blocking Tyrone and that they had not been speaking, and now she was having to deal with her emotions.

‘RHOA’ Recap: Sheree Whitfield Saddened due to  Her Breakup With Tyrone!
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She really learned about the knowledge via listening to her daughter’s podcast, but she didn’t truly respond until she had her friend Fatum over to her house a few days later. They were drinking champagne there when Sheree broke down in tears. She told her friend, “I feel so f***ing dumb, I wasted years of my life on a relationship with Tyrone.”

She then gave Fatum instructions to host a sumptuous sleepover party after hearing a scream out in order to cheer herself up. That’s exactly what she did in sequence. She invited every woman, including Lisa Wu of the original Forged, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Kenya Moore may have indulged in a little too much fun, too, as she drank quite a bit, which resulted in some contentious exchanges with Marlo Hampton.

‘RHOA’ Recap: Sheree Whitfield Saddened due to  Her Breakup With Tyrone!

Marlo was very upset when she came at Sheree’s since she had just forced her nephews out of her house. She explained to the women that she had sent her nephews to temporarily live with her younger sister since they weren’t paying attention to her and were causing damage to her house. Kandi couldn’t believe Marlo would do such a thing, but Marlo claimed she needed to do it for her own mental health.


Kenya didn’t really know what was going on with Marlo, but they still carried some tension from their fight at Drew Sidora’s workout class, so no matter what was going on, another fight was certain to ensue. And just as we had said, it did. Marlo virtually threw her champagne glass on Kenya’s head as she continued to refer to herself as “the second” while speaking.

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