Why did the Chief cut Kareem Hunt? Controversy Explained!

Kareem Hunt was suspended for eight games for his conduct that led to his dismissal from the Kansas City Chiefs, but he’s returned to the top 10 of the NFL’s running leaderboard with the Cleveland Browns.

After being drafted in the third round, the running back from Toledo spent fewer than two seasons in Kansas City, where he led the league in rushing yards as a rookie. However, after video evidence of a February 2018 altercation with a woman was made public in November 2018, the Chiefs promptly dismissed Hunt. In March 2019, he signed with Cleveland before serving his suspension and joining a backfield alongside Nick Chubb.

This is a look at why Hunt was released by the Chiefs and the circumstances that led up to it.

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Why was Kareem Hunt released by the Chiefs?

Hunt was dismissed by the Chiefs on November 30, 2018, for an incident that occurred in February 2018, with a TMZ video acting as proof that led to Kansas City terminating Hunt.

Hunt got into an argument with a lady named Abigail Ottinger at a Cleveland apartment in February. Ottinger informed police that Hunt “pushed and shoved” her at the time, but no charges were filed and no video was available, so the NFL did not intervene.

TMZ posted a video of the incident in November. The video shows Hunt appearing to shove and kick a lady from several angles. The Cleveland Police Department stated that it had not viewed the film prior to its release by TMZ because it does not follow up on petty crimes. “I genuinely regret what I did, and I wish to move on,” Hunt said in a statement.

Following the February incident, the NFL stated that it had not examined Hunt but had interrogated individuals engaged in the affair. The league stated on December 2, 2018, that it “continues to pursue a thorough understanding of the facts.” Hunt was also investigated for an incident in June 2018 in which he reportedly slapped a guy in the face during a verbal altercation. TMZ also referenced a third police report from January 2018 alleging that Hunt and other Chiefs members assaulted a guy.

To be clear, Hunt’s release came almost immediately after the release of the footage showing Hunt pushing and kicking a lady. At the same time, league investigations and TMZ reports were flying around the other occurrences.

On March 15, 2019, roughly a month after the Browns signed Hunt, the NFL banned him for eight games.

Timeline for Kareem Hunt Chiefs release

— April 28, 2017: Hunt is selected by the Chiefs in the third round of the NFL Draft out of Toledo. As a rookie, he leads the NFL in running yards.

— Feb. 10, 2018: Police say Hunt “pushed and shoved” Abigail Ottinger after a quarrel in a Cleveland hotel unit. Ottinger alleges she was kicked out of Hunt’s apartment with a friend because she “didn’t want” another guy. Although the police and hotel security were both summoned during the dispute, no charges were filed.

— According to TMZ, Hunt reportedly strikes a man in the face following a verbal altercation at an Ohio resort on June 3, 2018. A resort official confirmed to TMZ that Hunt and the claimed victim were involved in an incident. Hunt has not been arrested.

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— November 30, 2018: TMZ releases video evidence of the February incident, prompting the Chiefs to dismiss Hill, who was also put on the Commissioner’s Exempt list.

— On February 11, 2019, the Cleveland Browns sign Hunt to a one-year contract.

— March 15, 2019: Hunt receives an eight-game ban from the NFL.