The action film about the heist is now in theatres.

If the title of this film makes you think it has something to do with Die Hard, rest assured that it does not. Even though it stars Bruce Willis, it isn’t in the role you’re used to seeing him in or what you’d expect.

A Day To Die Plot

The plot follows Connor Connolly (Dillon), an ex-military parole officer who has only 12 hours to pay a gang two million dollars as a ransom for the release of his kidnapped wife. To do so, Connor collects his former military comrades and plans a heist.

Wes Miller directed the action thriller, which was written by Rab Berry and Scott Mallace. A Day to Die appears to be one of those classic action thrillers with all the ingredients to keep your adrenaline pumping throughout the film. Here’s a short guide that will answer all of your questions regarding how to watch A Day to Die.

Is it possible to watch A Day to Die online?

Unfortunately, A Day To Die is not available to watch online for now but soon it will be available. Or, at the very least, there isn’t any news about it. According to the most recent official statement, A Day to Die will only be released in theatres.

However, as is the case with most new movies these days, you can expect the new action picture to be available on Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and other popular streaming services at some time. At the earliest, this may happen only a few weeks after the theatrical debut. Stay tuned for further details on A Day to Die’s upcoming streaming release.

Is there such a thing as a Day to Die at Movie Theaters?

Vertical Entertainment is distributing A Day to Die, which will be released in select theatres across the United States on Friday, March 4, 2022. In terms of going to the movies, there are still some precautions to be taken in light of the current pandemic.

As a result, you should expect social distance and other safety precautions at A Day to Die showing near you. When you go to see the movie, make sure you follow the COVID-19 standards set by your city/state.

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When will A Day to Die be available on digital or video on demand?

On the same day as its theatrical premiere, Friday, March 4, 2022, A Day to Die will be accessible on video-on-demand.

Vertical Entertainment published the official trailer for A Day to Die on February 3, 2022. And, as you can see from the trailer, the film has it all: high-octane action, firepower displays, gang fights, rogue cops, and a deadly race against time. The two-minute trailer gives a glimpse into the characters played by the cast. Bruce Willis plays a city cop who appears to be concealing some secrets under the mask of a compassionate officer.

Kevin Dillon plays Connor, the main character, whose wife is kidnapped and he must pay a gang $2 million to reclaim her. We also get to meet Frank Grillo and Gianni Capaldi as Connor’s military buddies, who join him on the robbery. In summary, the trailer for A Day to Die promises a classic action film.

What is A Day to Die About?

A Day to Die is a gritty, dark story about revenge and reclaiming your rights. A Day to Die’s official summary is as follows:

“In order to release his kidnapped wife, ex-military ops officer Conner Connolly (Kevin Dillon) has one day to pay $2 million in restitution to a local gang lord. Conner must enlist the help of his old crew, led by Brice Mason (Frank Grillo), to put off a series of deadly heists in order to pay off his debts and make right with the city’s corrupt police chief (Bruce Willis). In a race against time and camaraderie, the crew must rely on their tactical abilities to save themselves and those who are most dear to them.”

We can simply say that A Day to Die is bringing back the good old days of action films based on the trailer and plotline.

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Cast of A Day To Die

  • Frank Grillo (Mason)
  • Bruce Willis (Alston)
  • Kevin Dillon (Connor)
  • Brooke Butler (Candace)
  • Leon (Pettis)
  • Gianni Capaldi (Tim)
  • Johnny Messner (Schipp)
  • Vernon Davis (Dwayne)
  • Alexander Kane (Steve)
  • Aspen Kennedy Wilson (Joaquin)
  • Curtis Nichouls (Spade, Producer)
  • Mohamed Karim (Reynolds)
  • Cheryl Prater (Diane Alston)
  • Devon Harbin (Danny)
  • Shannon Ritch (Beared Man – Terrorist)
  • Kameron Hood (OnLooker)
  • Calvin Williams (Hostage)
  • Jeremy Sande (The Hopper)
  • Cami Roebuck (Becky)
  • Keitra Bri Wilson (Nell’s Wife)
  • Isaiah ‘Izzy 13’ Wright (Addl 2nd AD Key SS/Thug)
  • Edward Parker (Older Man)
  • Melvin Pittman (Police Officer, Hostage, SWAT Member)
  • Melvin Pittman (Police Officer, Hostage, SWAT Member)
  • Melvin Pittman (Police Officer, Hostage, SWAT Member)
  • Japonica Brown (Reporter)
  • Chase Walker (Curtis)
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