Alex Rider, the reluctant hero of IMDb TV’s young adult espionage drama Alex Rider, is ready to put down his gadgets and return to the life of a normal teenager at the end of the series’ first season. Alex Rider has been renewed for a second season by IMDb and Amazon Prime, but it does not look like he will receive his desire.

Alex Rider is based on a series of 12 (and counting) novels written by British novelist Anthony Horowitz, who is also the author of the Diamond Brothers and Power of Five series, as well as recent additions to the James Bond and Sherlock Holmes canons. In 2006, the franchise generated an attempt at a film series with Alex Rider: Stormbreaker, starring Alex Pettyfer and starring Mickey Rourke, Alicia Silverstone, Bill Nighy, and Ewan McGregor, but the film’s box office failure meant that that version of Alex would not be up for any further missions.

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Here’s all you need to know about the TV adaptation, as well as what we may expect from season two.

When is Season 2 of Alex Rider set to debut?

Alex Rider’s first season was created by Sony Pictures TV and premiered on IMDb TV on November 13 in the United States, after premiering in other countries in the summer of 2020.

It wasn’t made public until November 10th, despite the fact that it had been speculated for some time following its spectacular premiere elsewhere. The sitcom had wanted to begin filming a second season before the end of the year, but pandemic-related delays pushed the start date out to late January for a 22-week production in England, according to Deadline.

Because of the delays — not to mention the prospect of future pandemic-related setbacks — fans are unsure when the second season of Alex Rider will be released. It’s also unclear whether the film’s distributors plan to distribute it in multiple areas or all at once.

Even better, the manufacturing looks to be moving along a little faster than planned. Vicky McClure, who plays Mrs. Jones on the program, posted a photo with actor Otto Farrant on May 7 with a statement announcing the completion of Season 2 filming (via Metro U.K.). Now, just because McClure has wrapped doesn’t mean the entire production has wrapped, but it’s a positive indicator that things are moving in the right direction. With any luck, new episodes will air before the end of 2021, but no formal announcement has been made.

Alex Rider Season 2 has a storyline.

In the first season of Alex Rider, our young hero was assigned to infiltrate the exclusive and enigmatic Point Blanc academy in the French Alps by MI6’s Department of Special Operations. He uncovers a conspiracy to clone members of the university’s rich student population and utilize them to grab control of global companies. He defeats his own clone, stops the wicked Dr. Grief, and presumably temporarily abandons his double life as a spy.

The narrative of the fourth novel in Horowitz’s series, Eagle Strike, will be the focus of Alex Rider’s second season. Alex uncovers a conspiracy by wealthy celebrity environmentalist Damian Cray to grab control of the US nuclear weapons and unleash missiles directed at key drug-producing countries with the goal of destroying the worldwide drug trade, regardless of human fatalities, in the book. Alex’s battle to stop him leads him from the south of France through Amsterdam’s streets, and finally to Air Force One.

Alex Rider Season 2 cast: who’s in it?

The titular teen espionage hero Alex Rider is played by English actor Otto Farrant. Farrant previously appeared in the Ewan McGregor-directed film Salmon Fishing in Yemen, in which he played a minor role. He also played Petya Rostov in the 2016 BBC miniseries rendition of War & Peace, and he participated in the 2013 miniseries The White Queen.

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New casting announcements for Season 2 arrived in February, coinciding with the start of production. Toby Stephens, a veteran of the James Bond series, has come on to portray Damian Cray, a computer millionaire, while Charitha Chandran will play Sabina, a “confident adolescent” whose journalist father is investigating Cray, according to Variety. Rakie Ayola, who will play CIA assistant Jo Byrne, has also been added to the cast.

Fans of the book series will have a good sense of what to expect from the newcomers, while the rest of us will have to wait until Season 2 to find out.