Call Me Kat Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“Call Me Kat,” Mayim Bialik’s first post-“The Big Bang Theory” production, is eccentric, innovative, and humorous, and you can finally call it a smash.

Kat (Bialik) is a quirky former college professor who is inspired to quit her work and create a cat café after her father passes away. She utilises money her parents set aside for Kat’s wedding to support the company, much to the chagrin of her mother, Sheila (Swoosie Kurtz), who is afraid her daughter would end up alone and sets her up on blind dates all the time.

Kat’s heart has its own mind: she’s drawn to Max (Cheyenne Jackson), a bartender and an old college flame, but she’s also dating Oscar (Christopher Rivas), a delivery man who becomes her boyfriend as the first season progresses.

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Carter (Julian Gant) runs the bar next to Kat’s and is frequently irritated by the gang’s shenanigans. Phil (Leslie Jordan) and Randi (Kyla Pratt) both work with Kat and eventually become close friends with her. She also frequently breaks the fourth wall and speaks straight to the audience.

According to Deadline, Fox has renewed “Call Me Kat” for a second season starting May 12, 2021.

What will the story be about, who will feature in it, and when will it be released?

We’ve got some purr-fectly useful information for you.

When will Call Me Kat’s second season be released?

With filming schedules returning to normal across Hollywood as the Covid-19 pandemic faded (hopefully), “Call me Kat” returned to production in late summer, as did other multi-camera sitcoms and shows.

Call Me Kat Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Cast, And Plot

According to TV Insider, Fox is keeping the show for its 2022 midseason, as it did in 2021. We were only waiting for the network to announce the precise date of the launch for a while, but in mid-October, the powers that be came around and dropped a string of mid-season dates for us to look forward to, including one for Season 2 of “Kat.” The sophomore season will begin on January 9th, right at the start of the new year (via TVLine).

According to TV Insider, “Welcome to Flatch” and “Pivoting,” as well as returning drama “9-1-1 Lonestar,” new dramas “Monarch” and “The Cleaning Lady,” returning reality competition programme “I Can See Your Voice,” and new reality competition programmes “Next Level Chef,” “Domino Masters,” and “Don’t Forget the Lyrics,” will air on Fox’s midseason schedule.

Who will appear in Call Me Kat’s second season?

Call Me Kat Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Cast, And Plot

According to a statement released by Fox Entertainment, Michael Thorn, President of Entertainment, expects the entire cast — Bialik, Kurtz, Jackson, Jordan, Gant, and Pratt — to return for a second season. “They have a great connection together that we, and viewers, appreciate,” Thorn said. Christopher Rivas’ character, Oscar, was substantially involved in the tail end of Season 1’s plot, but there’s no indication on whether he’ll be promoted from recurring status.

However, the show will be without a showrunner. Darlene Hunt, who also served as an executive producer on the show, will leave it. According to Deadline, talks are underway to locate a replacement for Hunt. Executive producers will be Bialik, Jim Parsons, Todd Spiewak, Angie Stephenson, and Miranda Hart. Production will be overseen by Alison Mo Massey and Mackenzie Gabriel-Vaught on behalf of Parsons’ That’s Wonderful Productions and Bialik’s Sad Clown Productions.

There has been no word on who might appear as a guest star in the second season.

What will be the focus of Call Me Kat’s second season?

Call Me Kat Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Cast, And Plot

Warning: The rest of this page contains spoilers for “Call Me Kat’s” Season 1 finale, “Cat-A-Versery.”

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Kat was in the midst of a romantic snafu when we left her. Oscar’s inconsiderate attitude when one of her cats died threw her for a loop because she was caught between Oscar and her returning love for Max. Max first consoled Kat during the ordeal, forgiving her for sending an email to his ex-girlfriend (for whom he still had affections) while on sleeping pills, which prompted the ex to tell Max not to contact her again.

Oscar afterwards atoned for his actions by travelling two hours to fetch the cat’s ashes. Kat is now more perplexed than ever about who she genuinely loves. As a result, the Kat-Max-Oscar triangle is likely to be addressed again in the second season.

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