Eva Lasting Ending Explained: Here’s What We Know!

The Colombian TV show “Eva Lasting” starts on Netflix this week, so let me take this chance to talk about the last episode. In this series, Camillo, a high school student, meets an interesting new student Eva. Camillo is naturally attracted to Eva, and the two start a passionate but erratic relationship.

The show is a straightforward drama about coming of age that takes place in the heart of Colombia in the 1970s. There are many references to that time period, which could make the show less appealing to some people. The ending of Eva Lasting is explained in this article, so read the full article below.

The plot of Eva Lasting

In 1976, the first female student enrolls at the all-male José Mara Root District School in Botogá, Colombia. This makes the boys uncomfortable, rebellious, and full of hormones. Eva introduces herself to Camilo and the other people in his crew almost as soon as she meets them. The smart and sassy girl has a lot of fans, but Camilo is the only one who really loves her.

Salcedo, the group bully, doesn’t like the new girl very much because she threatens his power in several ways. Still, he keeps going on adventures with the rest of the group. Eva takes charge in class and at extracurricular activities, which helps the boys feel better about themselves and get over some of their shyness and lack of experience with sexual and other social situations.

Eva Lasting Ending Explained: Here's What We Know!

Eva and Camilo become fast friends, even though many other boys at school are interested in a relationship with her. Eva has given Camilo a lot of book suggestions over the course of their friendship, and all of them have been right on time and relevant to his current situation and the problems he is facing.

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He likes her, but he doesn’t have the skill or confidence to tell her how he feels. Because of this, he keeps missing chances to tell her and also has terrible timing. In the meantime, he has figured out that she is hiding things from him and the rest of the world. He keeps trying to find out what’s wrong with her and her dad and find out what her secrets are, but he keeps failing.

He also has a one-night stand with Salcedo’s sister to make Eva jealous, but all he does is hurt Luisa and make his relationship with Eva last longer. Because they are gay, two of the boys are at risk of losing their social standing and even their freedom. This causes friction and conflict in the group, which causes one of the members to leave.

What is the Secret of Eva?

Eva comes from a wealthy family. Jorge Eduardo Samper, her father, is a powerful businessman in Colombia who is now in jail in Spain on charges of laundering a lot of money. Eva knew that her father was wrong, so she chose not to live with him. So that’s why she wouldn’t tell Camilo and the other boys who she really is.

Eva Lasting Ending Explained: Here's What We Know!

She wouldn’t say who her father was, even though she had already shown that she came from a wealthy family and was very upset about his criminal behavior.

Camilo tries very hard in the middle of the second half of Eva Lasting to figure out what Jorge’s arrest means. He gets very close to the truth through a series of sightings and chances, but it’s not until Jorge’s arrest makes it into the newspaper that he finally gets it.

What’s going on with Eva and Camilo?

After Camilo helps Eva steal grade reports from her school, the two start to like each other romantically. After the fact, he says that he was the one with the gun that the guard saw.

After getting into trouble with Eva, Camilo gets into more trouble with his father. When Eva’s father’s sentence is over, the police catch him, and Eva starts to avoid being sent to her aunt in the U.S. to avoid being arrested.

To avoid this, Camilo and Eva run away to one of Eva’s father’s vacation homes, which is very nice. When they try to rob a grocery store and get caught, they really turn up the heat and the stakes.

Eva Lasting Ending Explained: Here's What We Know!

Camilo then asks each of his friends, one by one, if they would be willing to hide Eva from the people who are looking for her. But when Salcedo’s mother finds out about her, she calls the police and has she taken away. In the series finale of Eva Lasting, Camilo finds out that Eva has been sent back to the U.S. She leaves behind another book and a picture of herself.

Know about what Luisa Reveals to Camilo

Camilo can’t stay away from the person he loves, no matter how hard he tries. His father tries to stop him, but he is determined to go to the U.S. right away. A phone call stops him from talking about how he wants to go to the U.S. to find Eva. He gets a big surprise when Luisa calls him.

She thinks that she is pregnant and that Camilo is the father. Early on in Eva Lasting, the couple had sex, but Camilo’s cowardice led to a rough divorce.

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What Happens with Pabón?

Salcedo is a closeted homosexual, even though he says at the end of Eva Lasting that he likes “chicks.” Pabón is gay. Camilo tells him that Eva just thinks of them as her brothers, which hurts him even more.

This makes it more likely that he is both gay and straight. In episode 10 of Eva Lasting, everyone smokes weed to forget about how bad Eva’s party went. Eva wants to talk to Camilo alone after her phone call with her father. Camilo agrees to give her some space, but on his way to the kitchen, he sees Pabón attack, Salcedo.

He tells Eva what he saw, but Quiones, another school bully, hears them. The boys start making fun of Salcedo and Pabón right away because they are gay. This makes Salcedo panic and denies the boys’ claims before taking out his anger on Pabón.