What would you think if you discovered that your life is being dictated by someone else’s wishes? In the Korean drama Extraordinary You, the same scenario happens. Everything in her life is unfolding according to the writer’s wishes, and she is merely a character in his comic book, as the primary female protagonist of the drama discovers.

The drama depicts how she tries to alter her life and fortunes regardless of the circumstances. She didn’t want to be someone else’s puppet.

Haru Found by Chance, July Found by Chance, Suddenly One Day, and Eojjeoda Balgyeonhan Haru are some of the various titles for the drama. Extraordinary You made your MBC original network debut in 2019. The drama was directed by Kim Sang Yeop. Extraordinary It was based on the same-named webtoon. Let’s take a look at the first season’s recap, as well as whether or not the show will return for a second season.

Extraordinary You Season 2 Release Date And More

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Season 1 of Extraordinary You begins at Seuil High School in Seoul. The primary female protagonist, Eun Dan-Oh, is introduced. She is the narrator of the novel and attends Seuli High Group. She claims that the heroine would always have a few things going on in her life, including guys who are obsessed with her.

She appears to be thinking and saying about herself from her perspective. Then there’s the school’s A3 group, which is well-known and well-liked. Oh Nam-Ju, Baek Kyung, and Lee Do-Hwa are the three members of the A3 group.

Extraordinary You Season 2 -  All You Should Know in 2022

Eun Dan-Oh is startled to hear page-turning, frozen students, and other noises. The scene then shifts to her sitting in the classroom, where the midterm exam is already underway. She became perplexed as to what was going on and why time was passing her by so quickly.

Eun Dan-Oh also visited her doctor, who suggested that it could be related to stress, as well as the fact that her heart is weak. Dan-Oh is also engaged to Kyung, who he adores. He, on the other hand, despises and insults her. In the library, another guy student considers the long scar on his left palm.

Dan-Oh also believes her condition is deteriorating because she notices that time has passed her by in the form of hours, days, and even weeks. She was in the library one day when she came across a book called Secret. They are in the world of manhwas, as Eun Dan-Oh realizes. Everything happens as the author intends, and she is only a minor character in the story.

Extraordinary You Season 2 -  All You Should Know in 2022

Some characters develop a self-awareness that allows them to understand everything about the manhwas world, even how time passes. She grew even more depressed when she discovered that she is a supporting role in the manhwa universe rather than the main character. Furthermore, the author has created her as a sick girl who could die at any time and who is also without love.

Eun Dan-Oh is determined to change her role and destiny. Dried Squid, on the other hand, advised her that doing so would have repercussions. She also encounters Haru, who has the potential to alter her destiny. Backstage, they slowly started to fall in love. Once the story began, they were required to revert to their separate onstage identities. Many of the characters become more self-aware. The rest of the novel depicts Dan-Oh and Haru’s attempts to change their fate and their eventual love.

Extraordinary You Season 2 -  All You Should Know in 2022

Extraordinary You: Extraordinary Actors/Actresses/Actors/Actress Kim Hye-Soon, Lee Tae-Ri, Rowoon, Kim Young Dae, Lee Jae-Wook, Jung Gun-Joo, and Lee Na-Eun are among the prominent characters in the film. Eun Dan-oh, Jinmichae or Geum Jin-mi, Number 13 or Ha-ru, Oh Nam-Joo, Baek Kyung, Lee Do-Hwa, and Yeo Joo-da were among the characters they played.

Because the drama is set in a high school, a large number of supporting characters are included. Seuil High School enrolls a large number of supporting cast members. If Extraordinary You is renewed for a second season, they will most likely all return.

Renewal & Release Date for Extraordinary You Season 2

Extraordinary You Season 2 -  All You Should Know in 2022

The creators have not yet decided whether or not to renew Extraordinary You Season 2. As a result, Extraordinary You Season 2 has no set release date. Everyone was pleased with the conclusion of Extraordinary You Season 1. As a result, there are no new storylines in the works for the series. The show has also been on hiatus for a long time.


There are, however, no hints or indications that the drama will return. Furthermore, a drama cannot continue without materials, especially if the first season’s finale left little room for a second season’s premiere. As a result, Extraordinary You will not be renewed.

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