Fans of the drama “Ink Master” over its 13 seasons had a difficult year in 2020. Photos of judge Oliver Peck in blackface surfaced around the time of season 13’s premiere. The Paramount Network quickly removed him from the show, but he continued to appear on the channel because episodes for the next season had already been taped.

Following that, the season 13 finale was put on hold because of the COVID-19 epidemic, which prohibited the participants and staff from filming the live finale and awarding someone the title of “Ink Master.”

The reality show’s bad luck continued when it was reported shortly after the shortened season that season 14 would be cancelled. The decision was part of a larger trend at Paramount to focus more on scripted programming, but it appears that the lure of more “Ink Master” was too much to resist.

According to a report from Deadline, as Paramount continues to attract fans to subscribe to its new streaming platform, Paramount+, the firm has decided to go ahead with “Ink Master” Season 14 after all.

At this time, there are few details on the series’ future, but here’s what we know thus far.

Is there a Release Date for the release of Ink Master Season 14?

Season 12 premiered on June 11, 2019, and season 13 premiered on January 7, 2020, proving that filming and releasing new episodes of “Ink Master” doesn’t take long. Granted, the current public health issue caused by COVID-19 continues, so it may be a while before Paramount executives feel safe pursuing another season.

To summarise, the earliest audiences may expect fresh episodes of “Ink Master” to air would be in the spring of 2022. It would be a fantastic moment to relaunch the series, which initially aired in 2012 so that Paramount+ could promote the new season as a celebration of ten years of incredible (and occasionally not-so-awesome) tattoos.

“Ink Master” has spawned several spin-offs over the years, including Grudge Match and Angels. There’s no indication yet on whether any of those will follow suit, or whether Paramount is waiting to see how the primary series’ renewal is received.

Who is the most likely candidate to join the cast of Ink Master Season 14?

The future season will almost certainly feature a new crop of tattoo artists striving for a chance to earn a large sum of money and the title of “Ink Master.”

Who will be judging their abilities? The question remains unanswered at this time.

Oliver Peck will not be returning as a judge, leaving Dave Navarro and Chris Nez as the only remaining judges. There’s a good chance they’d want to return if they didn’t take on any new jobs since the programme was legally ended in 2020. Over the years, “Ink Master” has had a slew of guest judges, so one of them might potentially join the show full-time to fill the third judge slot.

There’s also a chance that Paramount will prefer a fresh start from the beginning. A completely new panel of judges might be brought on board to breathe new life into future programmes. After 13 seasons, it’s time to shake things up a bit to keep the show interesting, and some new judges could help with that.

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Is there a trailer of Ink Master?

The resurrection of “Ink Master” was confirmed in February of 2021, but there is still no information on when it will run. It could be some time before we see an official trailer. Because of the short turnaround periods, it would most certainly run before season 14, as proven by the fact that the trailer for season 13 was released in November of 2019, two months before episodes began to be aired. Something similar is very likely to happen again in this situation.

However, Paramount+ might have some fun with generating anticipation by releasing a special video to officially announce the reality show’s comeback — perhaps one that also reveals who will replace the third judge. If all three are new, it would be the ideal opportunity to let fans know what to expect as the series proceeds.

The good news is that all of you professional tattoo artists out there still have a chance to become an “Ink Master” at the end of the day.

It also means you have a chance to be one of the show’s human canvasses.

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Age rating for Ink Master

Ink Master is classified TV-PG, which means it contains content that parents may find inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

Many parents may want to watch it with their young children. The programme may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive conversation, infrequent crude language, some sexual situations, or minor violence, depending on the theme.

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