Season four of “Stranger Things” is on the way, so keep your Eggo waffles handy.

The last season of the beloved science-fiction drama has been almost three years, but Netflix confirmed Thursday that it will return on May 27. Fans of “Stranger Things” can expect a new soundtrack full of ’80s hits, young romance, and, surprise, a two-season season.

Season four will not only be split into two portions, but it will also be the show’s penultimate season, according to show creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

“And these episodes set up the show’s last act, which is why Season 4 is so jam-packed with new locales, new people, and the biggest threat yet!” Netflix posted a message on Twitter. “Yes, Season 5 will be the grand climax to this storey, just as the creators always intended.”

What are the premiere dates for Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’?

Volume one will be released on May 27th, followed by volume two on July 1st. The “extraordinary length” explains the two-part season, according to the Duffer brothers, who announced the new format in an open letter to fans on social media.

Stranger Things 4 was the most hard season ever, but also the most rewarding, with nine screenplays, over 800 pages, nearly two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice as long as any prior season.”

The series’ conclusion was also teased by the makers, who promoted the next season with the phrase “Every ending has a beginning.”

“It proved too big to tell in four,” they said, “but — as you’ll see for yourself — we’re now rushing into our finale.”

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What is the plot of Season 4?

Season four picks up after the Battle of Starcourt in season three, in which Eleven and her allies save Hawkins from the Mind Flayer, a devastating Upside Down monster. The season ends with Eleven moving in with Will Byers and his family to start over after the presumed death of Eleven’s adoptive father, Hopper.

Will and Eleven’s new existence in California is seen in the season four trailer. Eleven claims to have “finally adapted,” despite clips of Eleven at school demonstrating otherwise. The major plot is most likely set during spring break, as Eleven counts down the days until she can rejoin with Mike and the rest of the gang.

“We’re going to have the nicest spring vacation ever,” she says, while foreboding clips of violence and dread play in the background.

In addition to the trailer depicting life in California, the “Stranger Things” team published a teaser trailer called “Creel House” in September, depicting a probable 1950s contact with the Upside Down that the gang will investigate later. In February 2020, they released an even earlier teaser dubbed “From Russia with love…”, which teases the return of last season’s Russian scientists, as well as a brief footage of Hopper himself. In season four, there’s a high chance Hopper will return.

And while the Duffer brothers acknowledged the series’ finale with season five, we’re not convinced the “Stranger Things” universe is officially over.

“Within the world of Stranger Things, there are still many more thrilling stories to tell; new mysteries, new adventures, and new unexpected heroes,” the brothers stated on Twitter. “But first, we hope you’ll stick around until we finish this story.”

Stranger Things Season Four Poster: Apart But Together

Stranger Things Season Four Poster

Clearly, no matter where they are in the world during Stranger Things 4, they will all be reunited. Stranger Things season four concludes by combining all of the previous seasons and demonstrating that everyone is walking towards one another. To get there, they’ll just have to travel via the Upside Down.

And they’ll need the longest season of Stranger Things to locate each other. Because making and watching the beginning of the end can take a long time.

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