John Clayton Mayer (born October 16, 1977) is an American singer, composer, and guitarist. Mayer was up in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and went to Berklee College of Music in Boston before moving to Atlanta in 1997 to work with Clay Cook.

They formed the Lo-Fi Masters, a two-piece band that was short-lived. After the band broke up, Mayer continued to perform in local clubs, polishing his skills and building a following base.

Following his debut at the 2001 South by Southwest Festival, he was signed to Aware Records, then Columbia Records.

John Mayer’s Dating History

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress who is well-known. The singer and the actress from I Know What You Did Last Summer dated in 2002, and he is reported to have written “Your Body Is a Wonderland” about her.

In an attempt to downplay her role in the hit, Hewitt told Entertainment Weekly in 2007 that “my physique is far from a wonderland.” My physique has the appearance of a pawn store.

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There are a lot of interesting things grouped together, and if you look closely enough, you’ll be excited, but not immediately.”

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a well-known actress from the United States. The two dated from 2006 to 2007, but it wasn’t until the aforementioned 2010 Playboy interview that John Mayer revealed his affections for the “With You” vocalist.

John Mayer's Dating History -From Jennifer Love Hewitt To Katy Perry

Simpson revealed in her 2020 memoir, Open Book, that she and the singer stayed in touch after their divorce at initially, but that she erased his phone number following the Playboy exposé because she was concerned about her grandmother’s reaction.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is an actress who is well-known. The guitarist and the Friends alum dated on and off from 2008 until 2009.

He admitted to Playboy that he slept with “four or five” women during his separation with Aniston and that he would “always feel sorry” that their relationship didn’t last.

The ex-couple now “have a good friendship,” according to a source who spoke exclusively to Us Weekly in 2020.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a singer and songwriter from the United States. Mayer and the country-pop singer had a brief relationship in 2009 and 2010.

John Mayer's Dating History -From Jennifer Love Hewitt To Katy Perry

Mayer told Rolling Stone that her song “Dear John” was inspired by their doomed affair, which he called “a really nasty thing for her to do.” What was Swift’s reaction? She yelled to Glamour, “How arrogant!” “I never say what my songs are about.”

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a well-known American pop singer. The vocalist of “Teenage Dream” and a member of Dead & Company began dating in 2012 and broke up in 2014.

After telling Chelsea Handler that “you have to go through all this s—t to get your grips on life,” Perry pledged she would never talk about her ex-boyfriend again.

“I don’t want to be disrespectful to him… because it always comes back to hit me in the arse,” she told Rolling Stone in August 2014.

Mayer told The New York Times in 2017 that Perry was the inspiration for his song “Still Feel Like Your Man.”

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