Lee Tae-Gon Divorce From Park Joo-Mi - Complete Info!

‘Sorry Song No. 2’ is a song about apologising. Park Joo-mi felt deceived as a result of her spouse Lee Tae-extramarital gon’s affair. Following it, their separation is projected, resulting in increased stress.

Shin Yoo Shin (Lee Tae Gon) and Sa Pi Young (Park Joo Mi) split up following their divorce in the previous episode. When Shin Yoo Shin’s lover, Ah Mi (Song Ji In), moved into Shin Yoo Shin’s house, she caused a rift. Meanwhile, at the golf course, Sa Pi Young announced her divorce from Seo Ban (Moon Sung Ho) with a cool demeanour.

Shin Yoo Shin, Ah Mi, Song Ji In, and Sa Pi Young are captured in new stills in a tense situation. Shin Yoo Shin and Sa Pi Young are seeing each other for the first time with different partners at this time. Shin Yoo Shin tries to wiggle free from Ah Mi’s arm as she smiles obliviously when he observes his ex-wife. Ah Mi is taken aback when she realises what is going on.

Lee Tae-Gon Divorce From Park Joo-Mi - Complete Info!

Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Composition 2‘ (also known as ‘Sorry Song 2’) is a TV CHOSUN weekend drama starring Phoebe (Lim Seong-han) and directed by Yoo Jung-joon and Lee Seung-hoon. The drama was shown on TV CHOSUN on December 15th and 16th. The moment he collapsing, he rushed to the hospital where he unwittingly observed a hug scene between his husband and an affair woman, Ami (Song Ji-in), and passed out from shock.

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Sapiyoung opened her eyes again, only to discover that Mo Seohyang had cancer and was in severe condition, causing her to experience shock and mutism for the second time in as many days. Although she was experiencing difficulty, Sapi-young went to her mother to express her regret for having been rude and disrespectful in the past. Meanwhile, Shin Yu-shin, the person who had comforted him, felt horrible and could not keep his rage against him under control.

Shin Yu-shin, who was ignorant that the affair had been discovered, became concerned when he observed that Sa Pi-young was avoiding him and became agitated. Perhaps it was because he was unable to comprehend that he recognised the gravity of his wife’s predicament, but he refused to even touch her. While providing comfort to Sapi-Young, he was also taking care of his lover, ARMY, and carrying on with his dual life. Ami yearned for adoration from a Shin Yu-shin of this calibre.

Despite the fact that Mo Seo-hyang was losing her mind, she felt sorry for her daughter and expressed affection for her mother. However, he passed away later that year as a result of poor health. When Sapiyoung learned of her mother’s death, she slumped and sobbed without making a sound. Sapiyoung was in a state of despair as a result of her husband’s infidelity and the death of her mother.

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Sapiyoung paid a visit to the ARMY in the trailer that followed. Sapi-young was moved to tears when Ami confessed that she and Shin Yu-shin were ‘in love,’ and she then looked thoughtfully at the divorce papers. In addition, Shin Yu-shin was seen packing things and departing the house, a premonition of the couple’s impending separation from one another.

‘Fighting Song 2’, on the other hand, is a drama about the unthinkable misfortunes of three lovely female characters in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, as well as the chaos that ensues when couples are searching for real love in the modern world. It airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. every week.