Married at First Sight is in its 12th season on Lifetime. The show has changed dramatically over the years, with the most recent changes involving a concept shift to Atlanta and the series now depicting couples navigating relationships while dealing with pets, sexual connection, and “monthiversaries” as they decide whether or not they’re compatible enough to last beyond the season’s end. The show has become an addicting delight for many viewers as they marvel at how experienced matchmakers pair up couples who turn out to be absolutely inappropriate for one other — or root for couples who appear to be genuinely destined to endure — over the course of more than 200 episodes.

Lifetime’s tried-and-true approach of matching people through an elaborate research-based procedure and marrying them the instant they meet may appear gimmicky, but it has shown to be successful. Indeed, Deadline reported in August that the network has ordered six additional seasons of Married at First Sight, as well as a spinoff, in one of the largest TV orders ever.

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21

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So, at least for the next five years, there’s no chance of you going too long without the programme. But, if you’re already anticipating the romance shenanigans that will undoubtedly occur in Season 13, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming season.

When will Married at First Sight season 13 be available?

Married at First Sight’s 13th season is now in production, according to Soap Dirt. The couples from Texas who will be the next to try out for marriage were “married between Feb. 19-21,” according to the newspaper. If you’ve ever seen the news, you’ll know that the Texas reality stars were most likely dealing with power outages and other issues caused by the winter storms that pounded the state at the same time.

Nonetheless, the show must go on, and it’s natural to assume that the couples have returned from their honeymoons to deal with real-life relationship woes as they decide whether to stay together or part ways — probably in a week or so, given that one of the show’s standard conceits is an eight-week deadline to make a divorce decision —

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Seasons of Married at First Sight normally begin in January and end in June or July. COVID-19, which was in the middle of production when it was halted in 2020, caused havoc on the series’ timeline (and the couples’ relationships). Nonetheless, it appears like the show’s 13th season will air this summer.

Who will appear in season 13 of Married at First Sight?

Of course, casting is a vital component of a reality programme like this, since it defines the aspects of the show that can’t be quantified on paper by the show’s experienced matchmakers. Casting for the 13th season of Married at First Sight began in August 2020, according to the Houston Chronicle, with a 63-question online questionnaire.

While viewers have yet to learn who will play the next lab rats in the show’s social experiment, fans can expect the show’s resident experts to stay — even if some fans on Reddit are questioning if they truly care for the couples. Dr Pepper Schwartz, a sociology professor, author, and Seattle resident; Dr Viviana Coles, president and psychotherapist at Houston Relationship Therapy; and Pastor Calvin Roberson, who runs Married and Naked with his wife and leads Atlanta’s Progression Church.

Married at First Sight' Heads to Houston for Season 13, Set to Premiere  Next Month: Meet the New Couples – The Ashley's Reality Roundup

Who will replace Chris Williams, the season 12 villain, in the coming season? Stay tuned and see what happens.

Is there a trailer for the thirteenth season of Married at First Sight?

Because Lifetime doesn’t want to take the spotlight from the current season while it’s still airing, fans are unlikely to see a trailer for season 13 of Married at First Sight until season 12 is done. The network usually begins broadcasting sneak previews of a new season of a show not long before it premieres.

Myrla and Gil - Married at First Sight Cast | Lifetime

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Furthermore, while production for the upcoming season is still underway, no conclusions concerning the status of the five couples included have yet been reached.

Season 14 of Married at First Sight is already in the works, according to, with production scheduled for June and July 2021. This is a programme that knows how to multitask and stick to its schedule. Season 13 will be shrouded in secrecy, at least until Lifetime is ready.

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