Sure, pyramids and tumbles are fascinating, but it’s the drama that makes Netflix’s Cheer so compelling—and there was plenty of drama between La’Darius Marshall and Monica Aldama on the show, which reached a head in Season 2. On Cheer, what happened to Monica and La’Darius? Get answers to all of your concerns regarding the coach’s rocky friendship with the fan-favorite, but beware of big Cheer Season 2 spoilers.

What made La’Darius decide to leave Cheer?

“Monica, her favorite slogan is: ‘Be accountable for your actions,'” Marshall said, adding that Aldama tormented him and wasn’t there when he needed her the most. It’s now her turn to face the consequences.” “Quitting was better than marching mindlessly following the dishonest authorities!” he tweeted in February 2021.

“Not showing how unhappy I was on Cheer, not taking time to heal myself from the death of my uncle, the everyday mental assault from my coaches and classmates when the cameras moved away,” he said on an Instagram Live the same year. I’m sorry I didn’t speak up and tell the world the truth back then!”

What happened to Cheer’s Monica and La’Darius?

Marshall and Aldama had a falling out following the premiere of Season 1 of Cheer and Monica’s appearance on Dancing With the Stars in the fall of 2020. Navarro Cheer was left in the hands of Kailee Peppers while Monica was away, and Peppers and Marshall didn’t get along.

“It was almost like she forgot where she came from,” he said when she returned from Dancing With the Stars.

Marshall’s social media rage, on the other hand, caught Aldama off guard, and she had no idea why he was so unhappy with her.

“This has affected me a lot because I’ve gone above and above for this kid.” “I’ve probably done more for him than anybody else at this program has ever done because I was adamant the guy would graduate,” she added. “When he had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving, he came to my family’s house.” His dorm deposit was paid by me. I’ve honestly gone above and beyond for this kid. I never said anything to him. But you’re going to smear my reputation? I don’t understand. It’s something I take extremely seriously.”

Cheer' Season 2: What Happened With Monica and La'Darius?

She did, however, claim that Marshall and Peppers had a dog fight, implying that she may have been made a scapegoat for it. By the end of Season 2, Aldama and Marshall had reunited.

“To be honest, I wake up depressed every day.” I have a large hole in my heart that won’t go away, which is why I wanted to speak with you. To me, you seem like a child. It was excruciatingly painful. Do you honestly believe I was abusive toward you? “That shattered my heart,” Aldama told Marshall. “When I think of our connection, I picture you the way you see me,” he said. You remind me of my mother. We’re definitely closer than that. I believe you have lost sight of that during the last year. Do I think you’re being abusive? No.”

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“I feel like you weren’t hearing me,” Marshall sobbed. ‘Monica, you have to listen to me,’ I said. I guarantee it. I’d never deceive you. I don’t want to go to war with anyone, including you. I chose forgiveness; I pray you to choose forgiveness, even if what I did was far harder.” They hugged it out when Aldama did just that.

Cheer Star Monica Aldama Gives An Update On La'Darius Marshall Since Their  Falling Out

Is La’Darius Marshall in good health?

Marshall wrote depressed and perhaps suicidal social media remarks in September 2020, claiming he’d “lost his fight.” Marshall, thankfully, was unharmed and received assistance from a friend, and is now in a much better position.

What was La’Darius’ opinion of Jerry?

Marshall, a child sexual abuse survivor, addressed the sexual misconduct claims against his former teammate Jerry Harris on Season 2 of Cheer.

“I was scrolling through Twitter when I came across Jerry, who said, ‘This ain’t real.’ “This can’t be true,” he remembered thinking. “I started crying and called Gabi [Butler], who was crying as well.” “I would have picked him up if I had known about any of this stuff,” he later remarked. It would have been worse than him going to jail, in my opinion. I don’t care how famous you are, how much money you have, how many people you have, or how much affection you have—you don’t have the right to do things like this. Especially when one of your closest friends has experienced something similar.”

What Happened With Monica Aldama, La'Darius Marshall? 'Cheer' Season 2 |  StyleCaster

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What happened to La’Darius?

Marshall is currently a cheering coach in Pensacola, Florida.

What happened to Monica?

Aldama continues to instruct Navarro College cheerleading and recently published her first book, Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons From America’s Favorite Coach.

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