Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Details!

Jeremy Slater made the American TV miniseries Moon Knight for the streaming service Disney+. It is based on a Marvel Comics character with the same name. Also, it is the sixth TV show that Marvel Studios has made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It has the same plot as the other movies in the series.

It shows how Marc Spector and Steven Grant, two different sides of a man with dissociative identity disorder (DID), get involved in a mystery involving Egyptian gods. Mohamed Diab is in charge of directing, while Slater is in charge of writing.

On March 30, 2022, the first episode of Moon Knight aired. It had six episodes, and on May 4, 2022, it was over. It is part of Phase Four of the MCU. The show was well-liked. People liked how Isaac, Calamawy, and Hawke played their roles, how the show was darker than other MCU shows, and how it showed DID.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Details!

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Moon Knight Season 2 Plot

In the second season of Moon Knight, Marc Spector’s adventures as Moon Knight are likely to go on. The avatar of Khonshu had to deal with Harrow and his followers in the first season, but a second season could go in many different directions.

Some fans might want to see the masked hero fight Werewolf by Night, but we think it would be cool if the next series was based on the Shadow Knight story. In this story, Randall, Marc’s brother, came back as the dangerous Shadow Knight, a bad version of Moon Knight who became a sort of twisted version of Khonshu’s avatar.

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There’s also the question of Marc’s third personality, Jake Lockley, who shot Ethan Hawkes’s character Harrow. It looks like Lockley is a bad person. Marc and Steven don’t know about him yet, but we don’t think it will be long before they do.

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Details!

Moon Knight Season 2 Cast

Oscar Isaac would probably play the hooded hero again in the second season of Moon Knight. That means Marc and Steven would probably be there too, but the funny thing about Moon Knight is that you never know which of his personalities will be around from one story to the next. The other actors are:

  • Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector / Moon Knight
  • May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly / Scarlet Scarab
  • Karim El Hakim and F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu
  • Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow
  • David Ganly as Billy Fitzgerald
  • Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart
  • Fernanda Andrade as Wendy Spector
Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot & More Details!

Moon Knight Season 2 Release Date

As of October 2022, there is no set date for Moon Knight‘s second season. Isaac made it clear that he doesn’t think Moon Knight will be a long-running show.

“When I was younger, I used to collect comic books, but I had never heard of Moon Knight. Isaac told Jared Leto on an episode of Actors on Actors, “I’d heard of Morbius, but I’d never heard of Moon Knight. I don’t know how the process went for you, since it’s a full-length movie.” We are part of a small number.”

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Still, Moon Knight writer and producer Jeremy Slater told Total Film about his plans for the character after the series ends, though he admits he doesn’t know if the Fist of Khonshu will ever join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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