My Brilliant Friend Season 3 - Sky Atlantic review, Everything We Know!

“My Brilliant Friend: Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay” follows Lila (Gaia Gerace), a young mother with a young son who has left her husband and luxurious life to work in a factory under difficult conditions. Meanwhile, Elena, or Lenù (Margherita Mazzucco), has moved out of the Naples area, acquired a college diploma, and published a successful novel, all of which has opened doors to a wealthy and opulent world.

Both women are pushing against the limits of a life of suffering, ignorance, and servitude in different ways. They are still very much connected to each other as they negotiate the options that have opened up as a result of societal developments in the 1970s.

Release Date Of My Brilliant Friend Season 3

The third season of the RAI and HBO series “My Brilliant Friend” is premiered on HBO and HBO Max on February 28 in Italy and February 28 in the United States. The high-end drama is based on the third novel in Elena Ferrante’s quadrilogy.

The eight-episode adaptation of Ferrante’s 1970s-set novel “Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay” was announced Wednesday at a RAI online news conference in Rome, ahead of its launch on the pubcaster’s flagship RAI 1 station on February 6.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 - Sky Atlantic review, Everything We Know!

About Previous Seasons

While the first two seasons, directed mostly by Saverio Costanzo, were inspired by Neorealism and the French New Wave, the third season, directed by veteran Italian auteur Daniele Luchetti (“My Brother Is an Only Child,” “The Ties”), pays homage to 1970s American indie cinema, particularly John Cassavetes’ work, especially in the way Luchetti worked with his actors.

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During the shoot, Luchetti told Variety, “I’ve always been a cinema buff and am quite impressed by how John Cassavetes works with performers.”

“Even though I had extremely well prepared sentences for this season, I sought to put the major players in a scenario where they had more freedom — the type of freedom that is born from American cinema of the 1970s,” he explained.

“We spent a lot of time working on subtexts, character development, and character arcs.” “I even had special personnel teach the performers so that something unexpected could happen on set,” Luchetti continued, “which is what film did in those years: place the spectator in front of something unexpected.”

At a press conference in Rome, producer Lorenzo Mieli stated that this season of “My Brilliant Friend” presented various problems. One of them was that the leads, both 18 years old, had to play women who were older than they were. Despite the pandemic’s limits, the set moved a lot, travelling from Naples to Pisa, Florence, and Urbino “just as the narrative also sprang out of boundaries,” according to the script.

The Apartment and Wildside, both Fremantle businesses, as well as FremantleMedia Italia and Fandango Production, are producing “My Brilliant Friend” in partnership with Rai Fiction and HBO Entertainment. Ferrante, Francesco Piccolo, Laura Paolucci, and Saverio Costanzo wrote the story and screenplay.

Sky Atlantic Review Of Season 3, Episode 5-8

Elena (Margherita Mazzucco) has risen from her working-class background in episode five (Terror). The event unfolds like a covert hostage crisis. These far-left radicals’ comments sputter with contempt as they devour pasta. No threats are made – their presence is enough.

In episode six (Becoming), Elena’s previous personas cautiously mingle with her more wealthy present. To Elena’s dismay, the Grecos join the criminal Solara family. Despite the meal from hell, Marcello Solara (Elvis Esposito) says ‘To wonderful things’. Elena can’t seem to let go of her Neapolitan background.

My Brilliant Friend Season 3 - Sky Atlantic review, Everything We Know!

Lila (Gaia Girace) joins Michele Solara’s league (Alessio Gallo). She’s surrendered to the family she’d resisted since childhood, accepting reality (‘In fairy tales, you do what you can’). In a way, it frees me. Are we all doomed to repeat our same past lives without finding a new path to the future?

Elena is proud of having escaped her strict enclave. Even as a lonely wife and mother, she attends feminist rallies on the side. The first scene of episode five has her bringing her kids past swarms of protestors in the Florentine streets.

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Nino returns to Elena’s life in episode 7. (Try Again). He eats with the family and then washes the dishes. Nino is far from a perfect male feminist, oftentimes resorting to obnoxious soft-boy methods, but he acknowledges Elena’s autonomy. Unlike Lila and the Grecos, Nino is a liberating force.

Elena begins her writing, examining ‘the construction of women by men’ in Moll Flanders, Madame Bovary, and Anna Karenina. It’s hard to believe her first and only novel is eight years old. She grows out of her lethargy, eager to take risks, risking an easy and subservient life for something more difficult and rewarding.

The season’s final photo, lovely and bizarre, suggests we’re saying goodbye to Margherita Mazzucco as our smart friend. Season three portrays Elena’s fulfilling transition from patriarchal servitude to feminist freedom. What a journey.

Trailer Of My Brilliant Friend Season 3