My Little Happiness Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

My Little Happiness is a Chinese drama that airs every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on the Tencent video network. Each episode lasted about 45 minutes. From January 13th, 2021, through January 27th, 2021, the drama aired a total of 28 episodes. It topped the charts in 2021 and is a much-discussed and well-known drama not only in China but throughout Asia.

We could see how popular this drama was throughout the popularity index pole. Wo De Xiao Que Xing, My small indeed fortunate, and You are indeed my Little Fortune are some of the other names for My Little Happiness. The drama is based on Dong Benxi Gu’s novel “My Little Happiness.” So it’s a romantic comedy directed by Yang Long and stars Fair Xing and Daddi Tang, and it’s based on the same name.


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When will the second season of My Little Happiness be released?

The release date for My Little Happiness season 2 has yet to be confirmed, but given the show’s success, there’s a good possibility the smash drama will return to the airwaves. The first season of the drama featured 28 episodes that centered on the lives of the main characters. When Shao Qing is played by Fair Xing.

These two characters are essential to the tale. Cong Rong’s mother is adamant about her studying overseas and won’t take no for an answer, but Cong Rong is focused on becoming a lawyer and has dreamed of doing so for a long time. Cong Rong’s mother eventually sends her away, but Cong Rong secretly returns to follow her goals. Her mother continues to believe she is overseas, but she returns in secret to work as a legal intern. Her childhood buddy Weh Shao Qing, who is now a surgeon, is a member of her legal team taking on her first case.

My Little Happiness Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

The following is a list of the episodes that have been broadcast:

In episode 1, we see Cong Rong’s mother urging her to stay in Australia to further her education. She deceives her mum and goes on with her internship in China. She is paired with doctor-patient disagreements as part of her employment, which are no different than the other miscellaneous matters. With the assistance of Zhong Zhen, Cong Rong was able to find a place to reside. Cong Rong was assigned to the case of Wen Shao Qing by fate.

In episode 2, we learn that Cong Rong and Wong Shao Qing have a long history together, dating back to their childhood. Won Shao Qing, on the other hand, is aware that Cong Rong has forgotten about him and their precious memories together, but he maintains mute about it. We also get to observe the two leads develop a sweet and unexpected romance.

In episode 3, Cong Rong finishes her legal report and sends it to Wen Shao Qing. Furthermore, Cong Rong discovers that she is the topic of conversation in the hospital when photos of her sleeping on Shao Qing’s shoulders were mistakenly leaked and caused a stir.

In episode 4, Cong Rong’s mother discovers that she has been in her nation all along. Cong Rong afterward got himself into a pickle and had to be saved by Wen Shao Qing. The cops arrived on the scene and apprehended the perpetrators.

My Little Happiness Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

In episode 5, Cong Rong expresses her dissatisfaction with the way she is treated by her coworkers, who are putting her down due to her pending cases. She was relieved and happy to see Wen Shao Qing looking for her later, having consumed a large amount of wine, and she hugs him tightly.

Cong Rong gets involved in an accident in episode 6, and Wen Shao Qing is concerned about her; Cong Rong had to have an MRI scan. Everything went smoothly after that, but Wen Shao Qing couldn’t leave the sick Cong Rong alone, so he made her spend the night with him so he could keep an eye on her. Cong Ring also asked Wen Shao Qing if he liked her, to which he replied definitely and kissed her. The next morning, she awoke to wonder whether it had all been a dream.

Cong Rong is shown in episode 7 at his apartment, concerned and whining about being less important to Shao Qing because he left for a business trip without telling her. She was taken aback when she realised he had returned and heard what she had said.

In episode 8, Shao Qing wins a contest with Chen and is forced to stand for a group shot with them, making Cong Rong think they look well together. That contest’s prize money was later spent on a beach getaway.

Cong Rong gets exposed in front of her mother in episode 9 when she discovers that she is in the hospital when she should be in Australia. When Shao Qing comes to her rescue as her mother passes out.

My Little Happiness Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

Cong Rong goes on a blind date in episode 10 to meet her childhood schoolmate “chubby,” with whom she had a falling out years before. But it turns out that chubby is none other than Wen Shao Qing, and they end up kissing and being joyful in each other’s arms.

In episode 11, we show Cong Rong’s mother getting ready to leave her daughter’s apartment and tidying up everything when she discovers the internship contract. She didn’t want her to become a lawyer because her father had died in the same line of work. When Shao Qing afterward reassured her.

Cong Rong and Shao Qing had a beautiful dispute in episode 12 because Cong Rong doesn’t want to get into a relationship right away and wants to focus on her work.

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We see Cong Rong getting pleased to tell Shao Qing about her exam in episode 13. She hugged him and kissed him right away, which her mother witnessed, assuring her that she was with the proper guy and that she was in good hands. Later, she had to cancel her rendezvous with Shao Qing owing to work obligations.

Lawyer Shengguan is attracted to Cong Rong in episode 14. However, the overall show was a visual feast because Shao Qing surprised her and they spent far too much time together.

In episode 15, we see the two leads develop a romantic relationship. On the other hand, when Shengguan began to be soft with Cong Rong, which isn’t typical of his temperament, rumours began to circulate.

In episode 16, jealousy reigns supreme, with Shengguan growing fond of Cong Rong and Chen Chen struggling to accept her rejection. The two lovebirds are still in awe of one other despite not knowing this.

My Little Happiness Season 2 - Current Updates on Release Date, Plot, and Cast in 2022

Shangguan becomes unwell in episode 17 and is cared for by Cong Rong, who transports him to the hospital and completes all of his work while working overtime.

In episode 18, Shao Qing is envious of Cong Rong’s ability to look after Shangguan and even make him porridge.

We see both of them fighting and being adamant about their respective beliefs in episode 19. Later, Shao Qing was involved in a minor accident, which caused Cong Rong to be concerned about him.

We see them reunited in episode 20 after their first fight. Following that, Shao Qing got into a fight, and Cong Rong ended up assisting him in his escape.

In episode 21, Shao Qing receives a one-month escalation from the hospital and becomes bored at home, unsure what to do without Cong Rong.

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Cong Rong introduces Shao Qing to his father and mother in episode 22, and spends a day with him, rescuing him from his loneliness while he is away from work.

Cong Rong was injured in the hustle and bustle of the legal practice in episode 23.

In episode 24, Shao Qing sought out Cong Rong while she was in anguish after being injured and treated her with compassion.

Cong Rong and Shao Qing’s romance blossomed in episode 25 when they went shopping together after the case was dismissed under Shao Qing’s name, and they celebrated it together.

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In episode 26, a natural disaster strikes, disrupting the usual life of the characters. Shao Qing agrees to participate in the rescue effort and departs.

In episode 27, we see Cong Rong volunteering to help earthquake victims. Shao Qing does a fantastic job and is applauded.

We get to see a happy ending in episode 28, the final episode of the excellent drama; they eventually get married and live happily ever after. We can also view Cong Rong and Shao Qing’s twins, who are preparing to enter the world.

What can we expect from the second season of My Little Happiness?

We can expect the tale to pick up where it left off in season 2, showcasing life after marriage, including children and work-life balance, or it could go to a new beginning entirely with the same cast and crew. You’ll see it updated here as soon as we get an official notice, so stay tuned and tell us whether you’re enthusiastic about season 2 or not.

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