Picard Season 2 Episode 7 - Delves into the Mind's Dungeons | Review

With a Season 2 episode titled “Monsters,” Star Trek: Picard is sure to be a wild ride, especially with Tallinn (Orla Brady) exploring Picard’s (Patrick Stewart) mental connections. Throughout the first and second seasons, Picard dwelt on his childhood, particularly his mother. A strange visitor in a Starfleet uniform (James Callis) forces him to evaluate his mother’s death through the prism of a magical and horrific fairytale-inspired story.

Tallinn enters Picard’s head and finds herself in a dismal prison with a scared small kid. But despite the menace of monsters, he can’t leave without his mother. The youngster calls the creature “him,” indicating that the monster is familiar.

Picard is once again forced to consider his “untetheredness” to human interactions. Picard has continually explored this issue, both with his hermit-like existence on the vineyard and his apprehension about having an intimate relationship with Laris. This series seems to be aimed to expose Picard’s layers and attempt to reconcile his history and present. It’s all highly cerebral, and it’s what makes Star Trek’s approach to humanity so fascinating.

Picard Season 2 Episode 7 - Delves into the Mind's Dungeons | Review

So when Picard discovers Tallinn in his thoughts, he recognises him as his father, and the guy in the Starfleet uniform (Callis) as the man he feared as a youngster but never understood. He used to think his father was harsh for imprisoning his mother, but now he sees the real monster was her mental condition. This revelation ends Picard’s introspection, causing viewers to believe this is simply the start of a deeper examination into Picard’s psychology and emotional baggage.

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Raffi (Michelle Hurd) and Seven (Jeri Ryan) return to the clinic to look for Agnes, who has gone missing. Rios (Santiago Cabrera) confesses Agnes kissed him at the event the night before, and Raffi is against them renewing their Season 1 romance. Yes, I totally agree with her. That is, unless Picard is preparing Rios for some heartbreak.

Rios keeps Teresa (Sol Rodriguez) out of Picard’s room in the morning. But she is unfazed and quickly dispatches him for trying to bar her from her own clinic. Nothing could have prepared her for watching Tallinn’s eyes roll back as she wandered inside Picard’s thoughts or using alien technology to stabilise her patient when she entered the room. It’s all overwhelming, but she’s unshaken. Not when she needs to worry about who she’s letting around her son.

Picard Season 2 Episode 7 - Delves into the Mind's Dungeons | Review

Teresa focuses on Rios when she stabilises Picard. “Are you from Mars?” “No, I’m from Chile,” Rios says, charmingly. I basically… work in space.” After all, it is a crucial distinction. Having Teresa on the show has been a wonderful surprise this season. Not only because she flirts with Rios, but also because her banter with him adds comedy to an otherwise stressful scenario. She worries about Rios being a “good guy” and following her gut. Aside from calling Rios out for being creepy, she has some of the best quips in the episode.

Rios, who is no stranger to breaching regulations, does so again in this episode. Despite everyone’s warnings, he takes Teresa and her son aboard La Sirena. Given Raffi and Seven’s position, his butterflies may not be the worst thing to happen in 2024. A new Borg Queen is graver.

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Tallinn discloses that she is a Romulan, which indicates she is either Laris’ ancestor or Laris herself. I’m still not sure that Picard and Laris are part of a broader plot. The only thing I can say is that she’s not telling Picard everything. I don’t think she’s awful, and I hope she isn’t.

Picard Season 2 Episode 7 - Delves into the Mind's Dungeons | Review

Picard tries to see Guinan (Ito Aghayere) in 10 Forward, hoping she can summon Q—or any Q—for additional information. Invoking Q fails… or does it? A man approaches the pub, insisting on getting a drink even though Guinan informs him they’re closed. His quick quips about science fiction and his self-assured air should have flashed a red flag. He is not a Q, but an FBI agent sent to arrest Picard.

In “Monsters,” Picard explores his own paternal difficulties, while Rios discusses Picard as a father figure. This episode also deals with trust, with Picard learning to trust himself, Tallinn and Teresa deciding whether or not to trust Rios. A Borg Queen appears to be battling for ultimate control in the final three episodes, and Picard has a lot to do before the climax.

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