A new year has here, fellow Coneheads. Welcome to the 2022 episode of SNL in Review. And the harder we attempt to flee, the closer it gets. That isn’t an allusion to Kanye West and Pete Davidson’s imminent rap feud. In this example, I’m referring to our benign overlords at 30 Rock, who is still figuring out how to deal with the coronavirus’s effects two years later. Late-night shows are on their way out, and theatrical productions are being canceled once more. Is there a correct response?

Roddy Ricch, for example, was scheduled to perform tonight but had to cancel because of COVID-19 exposure. Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff will fill in; he has previously appeared on the show as a musical guest alongside Lorde and as a member of fun.

Tonight, I’m joined by Gary Kroeger, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live who is currently directing a murder mystery and is wrestling with these problems about what’s suitable in the age of COVID: “The show must go on, but shows are a public contract, and public health must be treated seriously at all times, erring on the side of caution…

Saturday Night Live Recap

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We’re keeping an eye on masks, the cast has been vaccinated, and we’ve asked those who aren’t to keep an eye on the distances. This carries hazards, yet we live in a morally, politically, legally, and socially fraught era. We’re attempting to balance freedom of choice with respect and caution. It’s a difficult task to strike the right balance.”

Ariana DeBose, the show’s host, was nominated for a SAG award this week and is expected to be considered for an Oscar for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. She is the most recent host in a long line of Oscar nominees who have used the show as part of their months-long campaign. Commentary by Kroeger: “Getting hosts fresh off of a hit or to increase their reputation for awards seemed to me to be more of a thing of the modern period. I know that sounds sad, but from 1982 through 1985, my attitude toward the hosts was “anyone we could get.” Keeping in mind that we could get almost anyone, I rarely felt like the host was at their most ‘hot’ when we got them.”

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To put it another way, this should be a familiar episode set in a strange time for the programme. Given the President’s recent bad luck, I expect to see the return of recent dad JAJ’s Biden. Let’s take a look at what’s available.

Open in the cold

President Joe Biden, played by James Austin Johnson, is back with a new message. He paints a grim image by saying, “We’re in the throes of a cold, dark winter.” To combat the pandemic, he has some advise. “Stop looking at Spider-Man!” exclaims one of the characters.

He devotes the remainder of his time to answering queries. They’re going all-in with the Spider-Man concept. I’m not irritated by this! It’s focused, and unlike a high school talent show, it doesn’t forcefully inject every cast member. I thought it was just a joke at first, but they’ve decided to run with it. “Spider-Man has his villains,” Johnson’s Biden said. “I have Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema.” Folks, this is a brilliant combination of pop culture and political humour.

He might be able to enlist Spider-assistance Man’s in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Andrew Dismukes, who is funny, asks about the multiverse. It’s more logical than the current state of affairs! Johnson is killing it, and his Biden impression is sharpening in real time.

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Our universe is a farce induced by the Cubs winning the World Series, and Pete Davidson appears as “actual” Biden.


DeBose makes an appearance, joking that 90 Day Fiance is modelled on West Side Story. During her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live, she states, “It’s amazing to be here representing not only the Latino community as an Afro-Latina, but also the Broadway community.” When Kate McKinnon, disguised as a Verizon commercial representative, appears, she talks about how magical it is. They sing West Side Story tunes together as she mugs. (I’m guessing McKinnon showed up because Cecily Strong is on set with Lily Tomlin.) I’m not sure if anything here is supposed to be hilarious, and the crowd appears uninterested. Guys, I’m saying “no.”

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Isn’t it true, though, that today’s SNL is more musical theater-oriented than ever? “, adds Kroeger “Music is used on Saturday Night Live as long as there are musical cast members. There has always been, in my opinion. In recent years, I’ve noticed a greater emphasis on music, and my guess is that they’re utilising actors and writers who can help them achieve that goal.

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Eddie used to be a vocalist, and I, like Brad [Hall] and Julia, could sing back then. With his impersonations, Joe [Piscopo] sang quite a bit. Singing as dentist Ira Needleman was a personal highlight for me. The writers were a little taken aback by my ability to pull off a nerdy-Springsteen impression.”

Kroeger goes on to say, “I think Ariana DeBose is the best.” “She is Oscar-worthy in West Side Story and was fantastic in Hamilton, which I only saw as a recorded Disney+ presentation.”

DeBose was also terrific alongside Cecily Strong in Schmigadoon.

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