“Schitt’s Creek” bid its last goodbye to audiences and fans on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, putting this spunky and lovely sitcom to a stop after six seasons. Though many fans would have happily watched the show indefinitely to spend more time with the rags-to-riches Rose family, the show’s creator, Dan Levy — who co-created the show with his legendary father Eugene Levy — announced in an emotional Instagram post in the spring of 2019 that the show’s sixth season would be its final.

“We are very pleased to have been given the time and creative flexibility to tell the entire tale, culminating in a final chapter that we had envisioned from the start. It’s not lost on us how uncommon it is in our business to be able to choose when your performance will end. We could never have predicted how much our fans would adore and care about these characters “Levy penned.

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With that said, some fans are wondering if Levy, his father, and the rest of the cast — which includes Eugene Levy’s frequent collaborator Catherine O’Hara and talented newcomer Annie Murphy as the two women of the Rose family — would be willing to return to the town of Schitt’s Creek at all.

From cast remarks to the show’s perfect happy ending, we’ll try to figure out if “Schitt’s Creek” will get a seventh season.

Dan Levy was above Schitt’s Creek.

Despite how difficult it was to say goodbye, Dan Levy felt it was time to move on from “Schitt’s Creek.” Levy was unambiguous about his selections in an interview with GQ before the sixth season began.

“I wasn’t ready to leave, but the tale had been set up to conclude. I wish there were more stories to tell because I’d love to continue this indefinitely — but respecting the people and the quality of the writing, it just seemed like, ‘This is it,’ “Levy told the publication.

“I had planned to wrap it off in Season 5, but we were renewed for two more seasons. And I thought to myself, “Well, now I can create the final two chapters of this series in 28 episodes instead of 14,” “He went on. “I started writing until the end the minute I realized it.”

Schitt's Creek Season 7 - Know All You Need to Know!

However, Levy found it difficult to let go of David Rose, his one-of-a-kind persona. “The final day of filming was the most emotional day of my life,” he said. “I sobbed for five hours straight, till I had a pounding headache and didn’t know what to do with my life. When I pulled David’s shoes off, I sobbed. I’ll never wear those shoes again — nor do I want to — yet taking them off made me extremely sad ” (via GQ).

The Roses will not be returning to our screens any time soon if Levy has his say – and as the show’s creator, his word is rather definitive.

Dan Levy isn’t completely averse to it returning.

Dan Levy has stated repeatedly that he is pleased with how “Schitt’s Creek” concluded and that he never intended to prolong the series only to appease fans. He does confess, though, that he is not averse to a resurgence. They wanted to keep the climax open-ended, he told Variety in 2020.

Levy stated in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Weekly that he had always intended for the series to conclude the way it had. He didn’t stop there, however. “I’m convinced that we’ve mined everything we can,” he stated. “However, the world does not end.”

Schitt's Creek Season 7 - Know All You Need to Know!

In light of this, he goes on to predict that “Schitt’s Creek” might reappear in the future. “If something interesting enough comes along down the road to get our ensemble back together and continue to tell a tale, so be it,” he told the source.

“I’m not one to put down the iron hand and say, ‘This is it forever,'” he continued. “This is it for the time being.”

Other members of the cast have suggestions.

Dan Levy’s role on “Schitt’s Creek” may be over, but some of his co-stars have ideas about how the Roses can rejoin in the future. Annie Murphy discussed a possible future for these endearing, eccentric characters in a Variety cover story chronicling the series’ ascent and reign.

When asked if she believed there may be more, she said yes “”I gave Dan (Levy) $50,000 for Schitt’s Creek, and he told me to go f*** myself,” Murphy answered. I have no idea! I doubt there will be any more seasons. However, a movie would be fantastic.”

Schitt's Creek Season 7 - Know All You Need to Know!

Murphy, like Levy, talked about the Rose family saying their goodbyes in the finale’s last moment. The performers felt as moved as the characters.

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“I’m worried that the viewers will witness Annie Murphy and Dan Levy having a snotty, snotty therapy weep in the hotel. Not at all. Just us, weeping on national television. Of course, it got to me towards the end. It has left a large hole since then “she stated.

Murphy expressed interest in a revival. When interviewer Kate Aurthur expressed her disappointment that the show ended too soon, Murphy responded, “Please write a strongly worded message to Dan.” But, in the end, Levy must decide.

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