Everything You Should Know About Shoresy Season 2

Shoresy, a Canadian television comedy series, was created by and features Jared Keeso. It made its debut on Crave on May 13, 2022, and it’s a spinoff of Letterkenny. The show centers around Shoresy (played by Keeso), who relocates to Sudbury to join the struggling Triple A-level ice hockey team, the Sudbury Bulldogs.

For American viewers, the series became available on Hulu starting May 27, 2022. Following a streak of 20 consecutive losses and occupying the last position in the four-team Triple A-level Northern Ontario Senior Hockey Organization (NOSHO), the Sudbury Bulldogs are confronted with the imminent possibility of a complete shutdown.

In addition to the details provided, there’s a significant curiosity surrounding Shoresy Season 2. In this article, we’ll delve into all the latest updates regarding the upcoming season and explore a wealth of additional information about the Shoresy series.

Shoresy Season 2 Trailer: Hilarious Comeback Teased

Shoresy is making a triumphant return, with an unwavering determination to avoid further losses, as revealed in the exciting new trailer for the upcoming second season. This sophomore season of the show is set to grace Hulu screens just in time for Halloween.

As a spin-off of Jared Keeso’s popular series, Letterkenny, known for its quick-witted and fast-paced humor, Shoresy promises to deliver more of the humor that fans have come to adore.

Everything You Should Know About Shoresy Season 2

The fresh trailer kicks off with Nat, portrayed by Tasya Teles, checking in on Shoresy and inquiring about his well-being, likely in reference to the previous season’s defeats. In his typical fashion, Shoresy responds with the admission that he’s still intoxicated.

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From there, the trailer delves into the signature comedic style that has endeared fans to the series. It’s revealed that the team faces a crucial playoff challenge against the Cyclones, ensuring that it won’t be long before the boys are back in the game.

For those familiar with Letterkenny, it’s no secret that Jared Keeso played the roles of Shoresy in the parent series, as well as the main character, Wayne. However, Shoresy’s true identity remained concealed in the original Canadian sports-comedy series, adding an element of intrigue to the character.

Jared Keeso: The Face Behind Shoresy And The Birth Of A Spinoff

Jared Keeso takes on the role of Shoresy within Letterkenny, though his appearances in the show deliberately obscure his face as he simultaneously portrays the leading character, Wayne. The decision to create a Shoresy spinoff was driven by his immense popularity in Letterkenny merchandise, as acknowledged by Justin Stockman of Bell Media.

Everything You Should Know About Shoresy Season 2

This move recognized the creative potential in further developing the backstory of a character who remained relatively mysterious in the original series. Production for the Shoresy series commenced in November 2021, with Sudbury serving as one of the primary filming locations, including the Sudbury Arena.

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The setup for the Shoresy series was introduced in a tenth-season episode of Letterkenny titled “VidVok,” where Tanis informs Wayne that she has secured a spot for Shore on the Sudbury Bulldogs, signaling the spinoff’s development. The first teaser trailer for the series was unveiled in February 2022.