Spencer Reid's Biggest Secret On Criminal Minds!

There have been many secrets shared among the close-knit members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit during the course of the “Criminal Minds” chronology. They heighten the tension between the characters, resulting in vulnerable, painful, and angry situations. Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has been injured by more than one: When Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) fakes her death, she and JJ Jareau (A.J. Cook) keep Reid’s sobriety for months before revealing to him she’s still alive. JJ later discloses to Reid, in a contentious scene, that her biggest secret is that she’s been in love with him all along. It’s a tumultuous time for them, and their friendship is in jeopardy.

Reid, like everyone else, has his secrets. Despite having a big influence on his past, current circumstances, and anxieties for his own future, he purposefully avoids revealing his mother’s schizophrenia early on. After being abducted and drugged in Season 2, he develops an addiction to the opioid Dilaudid, which he hides from his comrades before they find out, and he tries to become sober.

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Spencer Reid’s greatest secret, on the other hand, is revealed later in Season 8, in Episode 8.

A dangerous romance develops behind closed doors.

Spencer Reid’s mystery is rooted in a long-forgotten subplot from Season 6 when he began experiencing strange headaches. These were originally intended to explain Reid’s departure in the event that Matthew Gray Gubler departed the show, but they morphed into a completely another plot in Season 8. Reid is seen on the phone with an unknown woman, discussing his headaches in a clouded mystery.

It’s revealed throughout the course of a few episodes that he’s been having a covert relationship with Maeve (Beth Riesgraf) for months. It started out as a conversation about headaches but quickly turned into something more personal. He’s stayed quiet about it for a long time, but when she assists him with a case, things start to shift. Why the secrecy? Maeve is being followed by someone, and she is worried that Reid may be injured. They almost had a face-to-face meeting once, but the stalker ruined the date. Maeve and Reid meet for the first time after she is kidnapped by her stalker. She is shot in front of him in a traumatic incident.

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It’s simply another traumatic event for the fan-favorite character, who has been through far too much over the course of 15 seasons to list. You can’t blame Reid for keeping his connection with Maeve a secret, especially since the stalker turned out to be pretty deadly.