Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast, Plot, Release Date & More Details!

The American drama television series Step Up (previously titled Step Up: High Water) is based on the Step Up film series and was formerly known as Step Up: High Water. The series made its debut for the first time on January 31, 2018, on YouTube Red. Additionally, Holly Sorensen is the brains behind the show’s creation. After some time had passed, in May of 2018, YouTube decided to give the show another season, which began airing on March 20, 2019. After two seasons, the series was pulled from the air in August 2019 and canceled. Starz announced in May 2020 that they would be continuing the series for a third season. This year, the third season is expected to premiere sometime in the month of October.

In addition, the show follows both the students and the teachers at “High Water,” which is considered to be Atlanta’s most competitive performing arts school. When Tal and Janelle, who are twins, move from Ohio to California, they find themselves thrown into a world in which every action is a test. They will find out just how far they are willing to go in order to realize their dreams and seize the moment as they attempt to navigate their new world, both on and off the dance floor, during the course of the story.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast, Plot, Release Date & More Details!

Now that the third season has begun airing, The following is a rundown of everything you need to know about the third season.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Release Date

It is far too soon to make any kind of announcement regarding the third season, and the creators of the series have not provided any kind of confirmation regarding the show. Starz decided to bring back the series for a third season in May of 2020, exactly one year after YouTube pulled the plug on the show. However, they dropped the subtitle “High Water.” At this time, there is no information regarding the launch of season 3.

To begin, the first season made its debut on YouTube Red on January 31, 2018, and was followed by the second season, which debuted on March 20, 2019. Those who have not yet watched the series can do so on YouTube Red or the Starz app before the release of the subsequent season.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast, Plot, Release Date & More Details!

As a direct consequence of this, we may now speculate that Season 3 will premiere in the year 2022.

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast

The cast members of Step Up Season 3 are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Tricia Helfer as Erin
  • Lauryn McClain as Janelle Baker
  • Petrice Jones as Tel Baker
  • Ne-Yo as Sage Odom
  • Naya Rivera as Collette
  • Faizon Love as AI Baker
  • Marcus Mitchell as Dondre
  • Jade Chynoweth as Odalie Allen
  • Carlito Olivero as David Jimenez
  • Terrence Green as Rigo
  • Eric Graise as King
  • Kendra Oyesanya as Poppy
Step Up: High Water Season 3 Cast, Plot, Release Date & More Details!

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Plot

At this time, let us all share the hope that the upcoming season will feature a greater amount of high-energy dance. In addition to that, during Season 3, Sage’s partnership with her longtime girlfriend Collette will come under scrutiny for the first time. According to the reports, Season 3 deals with some new budding romances, criminal charges, old as well as new rivalries, and we must not forget even the dirty politics all striding forward to demolish High water. It will feature some breathtaking dance moves as well as performances that are filled with energy.

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Step Up: High Water Season 3 Trailer