Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

Since the summer of 2018, when Succession joined the HBO family of original programming, people have been flocking to this dark, sharply humorous comedy about a wealthy family’s efforts to stay at the top. After winning a writing Emmy for its first season in 2019 — a significant surprise given that Succession’s first season directly competed with HBO’s beloved Game of Thrones last season — the show’s fanbase expanded even more for its explosive, absorbing the second season, and it’s simple to see why.

The uber-rich Roy family (which, creator Jesse Armtrong points out, isn’t modelled on the Murdoch media clan) controls Waystar Royco, a massive worldwide media conglomerate. As the series begins, patriarch Logan Roy (celebrity actor Brian Cox) appears to be preparing to pass over the reigns of Waystar Royco to one of his power-hungry and cunning children, in a nod to Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Succession (2021) | Season 3 Official Trailer | HBO

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As Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin), and Connor (Alan Ruck) prepare to fight for their father’s position, Logan makes the most unexpected announcement: he’ll remain on as CEO.

Throughout both seasons, as Logan’s health and mental skills deteriorate, his offspring — and their wives, notably Matthew Macfayden’s delightfully incompetent Tom Wambsgans — vie for his seat, giving Succession the ideal balance of comedic moments and tragic emotional beats. Following the triumph of Succession at the 2020 Emmy Awards, when it received its first award for Outstanding Drama Series, fans are asking when a third season will be released… and ideally, it will be on HBO sooner rather than later. Here’s all we know so far about Succession’s impending third season.

Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

When will Season 3 of Succession premiere?

The good news for Succession fans is that the show was renewed for a third season just two episodes into its sophomore season, even before it won a stunning seven Emmys in late 2020. However, there’s a catch: Succession didn’t begin filming its third season until after the COVID-19 crisis shut down most film and television sets, therefore the third season remains unfinished.

Showrunner Jesse Armstrong, on the other hand, gave Variety some positive news in August of 2020. According to Armstrong, the programme was a hit at the time “I’m trying to figure out when I’ll be able to start shooting in New York before Christmas […] Who knows if it will happen, but that is the current plan.” Just one month later, Cox reiterated Armstrong, assuring the Express that season three was “ready to go.” There’s no news yet on whether Succession has begun production, but it’s fantastic to hear that the actors and crew are looking forward to getting back on set.

Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

Who will feature in Season 3 of Succession?

By the time COVID-19 closed its doors, Succession’s third season had already been greenlit and scripted, ensuring that the show’s famed ensemble would return. This time, though, almost all of Succession’s main characters will arrive on set as Emmy nominees as a result of their work on the show, and one of them will even take home the top prize in his category.

Succession won seven Emmy Awards on September 20, 2020, including Outstanding Drama, Editing, Casting, Guest Actress for Cherry Jones, Directing, and Writing. Furthermore, Jeremy Strong, who portrays the downtrodden Kendall Roy, earned his first Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, beating out a crowded field that featured his on-screen father Brian Cox.

Meanwhile, his on-screen siblings Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook, as well as supporting actors Matthew Macfayden and Nicholas Braun, were all nominated for their work. The cast of Succession is fantastic, from the main characters to the guest stars, and there’s little question that their performances will stun viewers in the show’s third season.

Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

Is there a trailer for Season 3 of Succession?

Unfortunately, because production on Succession hasn’t restarted as of this writing, there isn’t any fresh footage for a trailer or even a teaser for the upcoming season of this popular, adored drama. Hopefully, the actors and crew will be able to return to the Roy family’s excessively luxurious world soon, but a new trailer doesn’t appear to be in the works until then.

However, based on when Succession’s prior teasers were released — and when those seasons began filming — a very rough timeline might be crafted. The first season of Succession began filming in New York City in October 2017 (before shifting to New Mexico), and the first official teaser and trailer were released on YouTube in March and April of 2018. Production for the second season began in the spring of 2019 with a diversion to Croatia for the finale, and the second season trailer was released in July of the same year. We might see a teaser by the spring of 2021 if Succession begins production around Christmas, as Armstrong hopes.

Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

What may happen in Season 3 of Succession?

Succession’s first two seasons are a nonstop thrill ride of backstabbing, betrayal, manipulation, and family drama — and it shows no signs of slowing down, judging by the season two finale. Kendall, yearning for his father’s attention, throws his hat back into the ring to lead Waystar Royco after a tense family boat vacation where Logan tries to pick which member of the Roy clan would take the blame for a controversy involving their cruise line. Kendall ultimately turns against his father when Logan informs his son that he isn’t a “killer” and that he would have to shoulder the guilt, disclosing to the public that Logan knew everything about Waystar Royco’s wrongdoing and chose to look the other way.

Succession Season 3 - Everything We Should Know So Far!

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With Kendall and Logan openly at odds, Shiv, Roman, and Connor must decide whether to support their brother or join their father in order to gain his favour. Regardless of what happens to the Roy family in the third season, viewers can expect a dark, humorous, and ultimately enjoyable voyage.