The Clovehitch Killer - ENDING EXPLAINED!

Dylan McDermott in “The Clovehitch Killer” may go unnoticed at first. For the character, the “American Horror Story” actor has a mustache and a whole dad body. According to GQ, McDermott donned a 60-pound prosthetic for the part, and it shows.

However, Don Burnside, played by Sean McDermott, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s now a scout troop commander, but 10 years ago, he tormented his little Kentucky community as The Clovehitch Killer, a serial killer who killed at least 13 women. Don strives to get control of the situation when his son Tyler (Charlie Plummer) and Tyler’s friend Kassi (Madisen Beaty) find the truth about him. The murderer has built an immaculate double life as a family guy and a respected member of his community.

The Clovehitch Killer - ENDING EXPLAINED!
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Despite having found a room full of proof, the illusion is strong enough to make his kid doubt himself. Kassi, on the other hand, is aware that her mother was an unnamed victim of the perpetrator and fights for her justice. The film’s plot revolves around these opposing familial allegiances. The film asks us what we would be prepared to do for our family at its startling conclusion. If you’re curious about Tyler’s, keep reading to learn more about the finale of “The Clovehitch Killer.”

The Clovehitch Killer’s finale raises some difficult issues for the viewer.

Tyler brings Kassi into the room as a flashback reveals Tyler never leaving for leadership camp, instead of staying behind and following his father around town (like Don pursued a victim). Don effectively persuades Tyler to question himself by inquiring about what would happen to his mother and younger sister if he makes the incorrect decision. Tyler, alarmed at the prospect of his family disintegrating, gives Don the opportunity to disarm him and Kassi. Don then points the rifle towards Tyler and pulls the trigger on his own kid, demonstrating that he has no regard for family. Only self-preservation motivates him. The two survivors fight until Don is rendered unconscious by Kassi.

The Clovehitch Killer - ENDING EXPLAINED!

Don was reported missing a short while afterward. Later in the woods, he’s discovered dead from a gunshot wound. Tyler (who survives the shooting) decides to keep the truth about his father a secret while he speaks at his father’s burial service. Instead of reporting his father to the authorities for prosecution, he staged his own suicide.

Tyler’s choice leaves the viewers perplexed as to what was the greatest option. We witness Cindy (Samantha Mathis), now a devastated widow, attempting to care for her family in the absence of her (apparently) ideal husband. Should Tyler have revealed his father’s monstrosity to his mother and the rest of the world? Or did he have a point when he said ignorance is bliss?

Tyler’s decision to murder his father makes us question what type of person he will grow into. He isn’t the only one who has to live with the consequences of his father’s transgressions. He’s also turned into a murderer. Like his father, he follows in his footsteps. Furthermore, he has deceived his mother and sister on a critical matter. Is it for the best, or is it a question of self-preservation, like it was for his father?

The Clovehitch Killer - ENDING EXPLAINED!
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Although Kassi’s willingness to participate in the murder earned her justice, the Clovehitch Killer’s other victims remain unsolved. The killer is apprehended at the end of the film, but no one gets a tidy ending. It’s a clever twist on the typical cat-and-mouse game in serial killer movies. The goal of “The Clovehitch Killer” – for anybody — isn’t to catch the killer.