Coming to America, which starred Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem, got a 30-year head start on that concept with its own made-up country of Zamunda. Whereas Black Panther caught audiences’ imaginations with the mythical African kingdom of Wakanda. Of course, the film just touches the surface of the nation; anyone interested in learning more about Zamunda would have to wait until Coming to 2 America, which came out in 1980.

Coming 2 America flips the script, yet history keeps happening the same way. This time, the story centers on Lavelle Junson (Jermaine Fowler), the son of clubgoer Mary Junson and Prince Akeem’s illegitimate kid (Leslie Jones). You don’t recall Mary and Akeem’s one-night stand in the first movie, do you? He doesn’t either, as it was retconned into being.

Coming To America 2 (2021) Ending

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Even while some critics believe Coming 2 America is uncomfortably close to a rehash, the movie nonetheless introduces surprises and ideas that may pass you by since you’re laughing so hard. If so, there is no need to seek any further explanation of the film’s conclusion.

As a father, son

Prince Akeem travels to America in Coming to America because he rejects the Zamundan custom of planned weddings and prefers to wed a partner who genuinely loves him. Nevertheless, as Akeem adheres to Zamundan law in Coming 2 America, he has become his father, King Jaffe Joffer (James Earl Jones), after first violating his desires. And Akeem goes back to America to find Lavelle Junson and elevate him to the status of a prince.

Lavelle is a defiant and unyielding son just like his father, despite the fact that he was raised by his mother Mary Junson. Lavelle, however, has no concept of how to behave like a prince, in contrast to Akeem, who freely gave up his royal ways in search of true love.

The Ending Of Coming 2 America - EXPLAINED!

Do not be concerned; Coming 2 America does not follow the Princess Diaries pattern. Even though Mirembe (Nomzamo Mbatha) and Princess Meeka (Kiki Layne) are training Lavelle to become a new prince, no amount of training will repair Lavelle’s years of New Yorker independence, much alone the rebellious streak he inherited from his father. Lavelle chooses to wed Mirembe rather than his prearranged wife.

Similar to how Akeem persuaded his father of the same, Lavelle’s acts serve as a reminder to Akeem that real love triumphs over tradition. It seems that in Zamunda, breaking with custom is a tradition in and of itself.

The monarchy endures.

Prince Akeem wants to marry a lady who is equally independent as he is in Coming to America. He marries Lisa McDowell (Shari Headley), and all three of their girls are just as independent as Lisa and Akeem put together. Of then, if you’re a woman in Zamunda, individuality only gets you so far.

The Ending Of Coming 2 America - EXPLAINED!

Princess Meeka, Akeem’s eldest child, is more than qualified to rule Zamunda after his death, but Akeem finds himself adopting his father’s policies, such as needing a male to sit on the throne and adhering to tradition. Without a male heir, Akeem is originally compelled to wed Meeka to Prince Idi of the rival country Nextdoria. Although Lavelle isn’t legal, he still has a stronger claim to the Zamundan throne, which allows Akeem a way out.

Blood is thicker than half-sibling rivalry, therefore Meeka helps Lavelle complete the exams required to be proclaimed prince and be ready to marry Princess Bopoto, despite the fact that she detests the way the Zamundan accession law operates. General Izzi of Nextdoria, played by Wesley Snipes, seeks to seize Zamunda by force when Lavelle flees with Mirembe. His 30-minute invasion is immediately put down by Meeka and Akeem’s other three daughters.

The Ending Of Coming 2 America - EXPLAINED!

Zamunda is a nation that is modernizing.

Zamunda is described in Coming to America and Coming to 2 America as an extremely orthodox and conservative nation. The movies, however, focus on the benefits of challenging traditions when they stand in the way of love and happiness rather than the risks of conservatism.

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Prince Akeem travels to America in the first film to defy convention and wed a lady he loves rather than General Izzi’s sister Imani (she was trained from birth to serve Akeem). In Coming 2 America, Akeem would have provided the militaristic General Izzi a back entrance to Zamunda if he had followed custom and wed Princess Meeka to Prince Idi.

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