We’ve seen a remarkable amount of films and television shows based on well-known Chinese stories thanks to Netflix. We were able to see two versions of Wu Cheng’en’s “Journey to the West” on the streaming site thanks to “The Monkey King” and “The New Legends of Monkey.” With a film based on the “Dynasty Warriors” video game franchise, Netflix even ventured into the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” realm. With its most recent cartoon import, “White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake,” also known as “Green Snake,” the streaming service followed this tendency.

The 2019 movie “White Snake” and the sequel “Green Snake” are both rough adaptations of the Chinese folktale “Legend of the White Snake,” which tells the story of a white snake demon who falls in love with a person. The second movie features Verta, a green snake demon, in contrast to the previous movie, which felt more in keeping with the folktale. Blanca and Verta, two sisters, engage in a heated confrontation with the monk Fahai at the beginning of “Green Snake.” Verta is sent to Asuraville after being separated from her sister Blanca.

White Snake 2 Ending

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The journey of Verta in “Green Snake” is an epic journey replete with martial arts action, supernatural powers, and a profound examination of the cycle of reincarnation. Having said that, its conclusion successfully resolves a crucial story thread while simultaneously having the potential to unravel another. Here is an explanation of “Green Snake’s” conclusion.

Reincarnation serves to forge a connection between two sisters.

The animated adventure movie “Green Snake,” which concentrates on the ideas of reincarnation and breaking cycles, is really about a transcending sibling connection. Verta’s main drive is to track down her sister Blanca, and the conclusion suggests that she succeeds. Verta hears a voice calling her name in the film’s concluding scene as she sobs over what happened to Blanca. She smiles as it seems like her sister is the one who has called for her. While the conclusion shows a touching reunion between the sisters, it also reveals that Blanca was with Verta the whole time she was imprisoned in Asuraville as the Masked Man.

Verta joins the parts of her sister’s hairpin at the end with the Masked Man’s bone flute, proving that the enigmatic figure who aided her in Asuraville is in fact a reincarnation of Blanca. However, “Green Snake” really provides us with a lot of hints before the end. For instance, when the Masked Man finally gets to pick his ultimate face from the Ox-head Leader, he unconsciously adopts Blanca’s appearance. The Masked Man remains at Verta’s side during her recurring 20-year conflict with Fahai, always assisting her in getting back up and maintaining watch while she snoozes. Blanca and her sister Verta are constantly connected, no matter what happens to them or where they go.

A fox demon prepares for retaliation.

The sisterly reunion may have been the book’s conclusion. However, when the titles begin to roll, a specific sequence with Baoqing Fox is shown. A peculiar box is obtained from some sort of river creature by the fox demon and her minions when they are on a bridge. One foxtail is present in the box, and Baoqing Fox mentions finally exacting his vengeance. Who exactly is on that revenge list is unknown, but if we can infer anything from this scenario, it’s that Baoqing Fox will play a significant part in any upcoming sequel. Baoqing Fox offers the same river monster a box in a sequence identical to this one in the previous movie, “White Snake.”

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It would make sense for Light Chaser Animation Studios to create anticipation for a new installment in the series after “White Snake” and “Green Snake” were such commercial successes. China Daily claims that “White Snake” is the folklore-related work that has had the biggest commercial success. Additionally, “Green Snake” is a success, grossing about $30.86 million in China on its original release (via 1905 Movie Network). The snake demon sisters and this specific fox demon, who is now bent on retaliation, appear to still be around.

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