“Hit & Run,” a Netflix original comedy that reunited “Fauda” viewers with Lior Raz, the actor and co-creator of the popular Israeli series, debuted on August 6 and had more twists and turns than a crazy straw. The fundamental premise of “Hit & Run” goes something like this: boy meets and marries girl; girl later gets hit and killed by a car while crossing the street; the perpetrators of said hit take-off (hence the title); and then, the grieving boy throws himself into a labyrinthine maze of violence, clues, and revelations on a quest to comprehend the motivation behind girl’s death.

We discover quite early in the season that the titular Dead Girl (Kaelen Ohm), who serves as the series’ narrative’s spark, isn’t exactly who she claims to be. The hit-and-run victim of the show’s title is really a CIA agent by the name of Sophie, who is known to her Israeli “tour guide” spouse Segev (Raz) as the American dancer Danielle Wexler. Sophie (supposedly) split her time between spying on her boyfriend Assaf (Lior Ashkenazi), the Special Intelligence Liaison to the Head of Israeli National Security, and being a professional dancer while residing in Tel Aviv with her new husband and stepdaughter.

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A (very) quick “Hit & Run” recap

In the end, it is revealed that Sophie assassinated an Israeli spy in order to write down her findings in code in a diary after learning a major, juicy truth about Mossad (the Israeli national intelligence organization). Following this, Segev’s CIA mentor-handler in New York, “Martin Wexler” (Gregg Henry of James Gunn’s “Slither”), gives her the go-ahead to return to the country that he mistakenly believes to be his father-in-country. law’s She regrettably takes too long to depart Tel Aviv since she is reluctant to leave her unknowing but adored husband and stepdaughter behind. She is run over while crossing the street on her way to the airport.

After she is killed, Segev seeks the assistance of his cousin Tali (Moran Rosenblatt), an Israeli investigator, to help solve the case. As a result, he becomes entangled in the incredibly complex mystery surrounding her life. Segev is fortunate to possess a unique combination of top-secret skills because of the instruction he acquired while working as a member of the Israeli Defense Forces’ black ops unit, which was previously a secret position. Former Israeli mercenary Ron (Gal Toren) and his ex-lover (or very close friend), persistent investigative journalist Naomi Hicks, are helping him on his quest across New York to find his wife’s killers (Sanaa Lathan).

The Ending Of Hit & Run - EXPLAINED!

Naomi Hicks provides the listener with subtext but few solutions

Even just because she can stand-in for the audience, Hicks is crucial to the impact and success of “Hit & Run.” This tendency is never more evident than in the season finale. If the viewer is asking themselves a question at any given time throughout the season, it is nearly likely to come out in her discourse. She tells Segev that they know who killed his wife and what happened, but they “truly don’t have the why.”

Though Hicks is given a number of explanations when she is abducted and detained by Mossad leader Tamir, at the conclusion of episode 9, “Search and Destroy,” we still don’t truly know why (Igal Naor). Hicks discovers the information Sophie obtained was a Mossad operation to spy on the White House now that he has access to the coded journal. For a country that calls itself the United States’ “best friend,” she tells Tamir, spying is not a good look.

The audience starts to realize just how many facets there are to this battle when Tamir asks, “What do you believe the CIA has been doing in Israel for the last 73 years?” Tamir queries her. After that, he goes on to say that the U.S. will benefit from their espionage because they found out that the President’s son-in-law was “selling secrets to a foreign opponent.”

Because Fake Dad CIA agent “Martin” steps in and kills Tamir, he doesn’t get a chance to explain the (still puzzling) logic for why he would choose to assassinate a CIA agent, who had only revealed Mossad had done something purportedly good for the U.S. (Martin, apparently, also wants to get his hands on the journal.) However, despite the fact that the season finale simply serves to further muddle the already convoluted storyline, this conversation with Hicks does a great job of laying out a potential underlying theme: there are no “good men” and “bad guys” in the arena of international politics.

Cliffs still hover, and questions remain

The conclusion of “Hit & Run” still leaves a lot of unresolved concerns, despite the audience’s chance to learn with Hicks and view the world through her eyes. Segev is seen responding to this news by fleeing, Tom Cruise-style, while quite literally hung in the air on a (wink-wink) suspension bridge. It doesn’t only finish on a cliffhanger (back in Israel, someone kidnaps Segev’s daughter and murders his ex-wife, with whom she’s staying).

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In the end, the Season 1 finale of “Hit & Run” isn’t meant to do much more than prime viewers for Season 2 and inspire a slew of ideas. Not a terrible strategy for a story that focuses on the conspiratorial nature of espionage, covert government organizations, and the small number of puppeteers and backroom wheeling and maneuvering that underpin international relations and politics.

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