The Craft’s opening scene, which features a clap of thunder and lightning along with the witchy chant “Now is the moment, now is the hour, ours is the magic, ours is the power,” has never failed to mesmerize viewers since it first debuted in theatres in 1996.

The movie by Andrew Fleming centers on Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney), a transplant from San Francisco to Los Angeles who must contend with both her terrible history and her escalating magical abilities. Three other exiled witches, Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Rochelle (Rachel True), and Bonnie (Neve Campbell), who are searching for a fourth witch to complete their coven, accompany Sarah on her voyage.

This movie was a doorway for an entire generation of ’90s girls who were motivated to discover their own inner powers owing to this work of teen horror fiction. It has an appropriately witchy soundtrack that has endured the test of time. This makes sense given that the magic was based on real pagan and Wiccan practices by filmmaker Fleming.

The Craft (1996)

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There are still some parts of The Craft that receive little attention even if many people may be all too familiar with it since we are all so engrossed in the sinister exploits of four attractive witches. Here is how The Craft ends, with perfect love and perfect faith.

The Craft begins in a spooky manner.

Sarah’s first day in her lovely new LA home quickly turns nasty when a weird man carrying a large snake enters through her front door and tries to give it to her as a bizarre welcoming gift. Sarah decides to enroll at her new Catholic school right away even though she hasn’t been fitted for a uniform, which only makes her stick out as the new girl even more strikingly. However, this ominous tone created by her new home isn’t in the least bit discouraged.

In another classroom, Bonnie reads from an astrological almanac that forecasts an arrival, which she interprets as perhaps being the final piece of the circle that she and her classmates require. Nancy strongly disagrees with Bonnie’s interpretation. Bonnie realizes she is correct when she observes Sarah using telekinesis with a pencil when they are in the same French class. But when Sarah approaches the group to join their biology lab group, Nancy, being generally unwelcoming, pushes her away with a wordless stare.

Sarah is seated alone at lunch until she is joined by well-liked athlete Chris Hooker (Skeet Ulrich), who greets her as a new student. Chris refers to Bonnie, Nancy, and Rochelle as “the B*s of Eastwick” and cautions her to avoid them since they are real witches when she points out the three females. Although Sarah scoffs, she appears interested in Chris and the girls.

The introduction of magic to Sarah

Sarah is seen observing Chris’ football practice with Nancy, Rochelle, and Bonnie after school. Nancy cautions Sarah, “He disperses illness. I can only talk from my own experience.” Although Sarah is unsure about her reaction, she accepts their invitation to go shopping with them.

Bonnie catches sight of Sarah’s large scars on her wrists as they make their way to Lirio’s (Assumpta Serna) occult shop. Sarah admits that she attempted suicide, which is why they moved. While Nancy is secretly impressed, Bonnie remarks, “You even did it the proper way.” Rochelle asks Bonnie how she knows the “correct technique” to sever your wrists, but Bonnie declines to comment.

As Sarah is ready to draw back the curtain to a mysterious back area in Lirio’s store, which is full of various esoteric artifacts, Lirio stops her and does a brief reading on her, during which she learns that Sarah’s ring was once her mother’s and that she possesses inherent bruja abilities. Sarah has no illusions.

The same man who had approached Sarah with a snake on the way home recognizes her and pursues her once more. He is struck by a car after Sarah and the other three all give him deep looks before confessing they all wanted the event to happen. After Nancy describes their deity, Manon, by stating, “If God and the devil were playing football, Manon would be the stadium that they played on,” Sarah understands the three are really involved in witchcraft. Sarah acknowledges that she frequently has miraculous occurrences, but Nancy’s intensity turns her off.

Sarah enters the group.

Sarah attempts to distance herself from the B*s of Eastwick after her chaotic evening with them by consenting to go out with Chris Hooker. They enjoy one other’s company and share a kiss, but when she declines to return to his place, Chris spreads the false idea that they had sex and that she was “the lousiest lie he ever had,” which he also allegedly stated about Nancy. Sarah is visibly disturbed after confronting Chris and experiencing further humiliation; she subsequently experiences intense flashbacks of her failed suicide attempt.

The three invite Sarah on a field trip the following day, and she accedes to their friendship and offer. When the bus driver warns the four girls to look out for weirdos as they get off to go into the woods, Nancy responds, “We are the weirdos, sir.”

Witches create their coven.

Sarah, Rochelle, Nancy, Bonnie, and the others start a ritual in the middle of the forest to formally create their circle. The ladies holding them at knifepoint each ask: “Rushing toward this blade is preferable to entering this circle while feeling fearful. How do I get in?” “With perfect love and absolute trust,” was the reply.

The first group magic is then cast by the four witches after they puncture their index fingers and mix wine with their blood. They take a sip from their sisters and make a request for assistance. Rochelle wants the fortitude to confront bigotry. Sarah yearns for Chris. Outside beauty is what Bonnie aspires to. Nancy aspires to Manon’s full authority. Monarch butterfly clouds descend as though someone was paying attention.

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The following day, after taunting Rochelle, Laura’s trademark golden hair begins to fall out. Then, during Bonnie’s subsequent doctor’s appointment, her scars vanish. The doctor is surprised since the gene treatment shouldn’t have produced results that quickly.

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