So far, the villain of Ezra Miller’s The Flash film has remained a mystery, but a stuntman’s photo of the crew T-shirt may have leaked it months ago.

Official crew shirts may have revealed the villain of The Flash movie, which has remained a significant mystery. Ezra Miller’s solo picture will finally hit theatres in late fall, over eight years after the project was first announced.

Since Miller’s casting as Barry Allen in 2014, the Scarlet Speedster has appeared in a number of DCEU projects as Warner Bros. worked to get their preparations for The Flash film in place. When their version of the Fastest Man Alive appeared in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, he became the first cast member to cross over to the DC TV franchise.

Miller’s solo film will continue to explore the Multiverse, which is how Michael Keaton’s Batman figures into the tale, after sharing the screen with Grant Gustin’s Flash. While The Flash has been kept under wraps for nearly two years, the DCEU film will introduce Supergirl to the big screen, with Sasha Calle as the Girl of Steel.

Despite the show’s heavy emphasis on time travel and the Multiverse, it has yet to be revealed who The Flash’s true adversary will be if one exists at all. With a few months left, it’s feasible that subsequent teasers will reveal this.

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Crew Shirt Have Spoiled The Film’s Villain

However, it appears that part of the production equipment may have already given away the surprise. Shane Steyn, one of The Flash’s stunt performers, uploaded the official crew jersey that members were issued on his Instagram page, which has some hints. Despite the fact that it was shared in October 2021, Steyn’s photo has lately resurfaced on social media, because of the shirt displaying Batman and Supergirl’s silhouettes. In addition, Miller’s Flash has an evil-looking lightning streak running through his costume, as shown below:

Miller will play two different versions of Barry, one of whom will most likely be a doppelgänger from Keaton’s realm. Despite being seen in The Flash trailer alongside Supergirl and DCEU Barry, there is speculation that he may adopt a bad path throughout the plot.

Given the number of speedster villains in DC fiction, the second Barry might end up being the DCEU’s Reverse-Flash or Black Flash. If it’s the latter, it’ll be the second live-action version of Black Flash, which first appeared in the Arrrowverse during The Flash’s early seasons.

Making the other Barry into an Eobard Thawne-like persona would be an unexpected twist, as well as a departure from Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse-Flash in the Arrowverse. It’s also possible that the Barry doppelgänger will simply be an evil Flash, with no established comic identity.

In some ways, the risks associated with time travel and traveling between parallel universes are the actual villains of The Flash thus far. Despite the fact that Miller’s Barry has been a speedster for a few years, The Flash will go deeper into what it means to possess these abilities and the responsibilities that come with them. With fewer than ten months until the premiere, viewers should have a better notion of who The Flash’s ultimate nemesis is soon.

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The Flash Cast

Ezra Miller leads the cast of “The Flash” as Barry Allen.

Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will play their own versions of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the film.

Ron Livingston (Henry Allen), Maribel Verdu (Nora Allen), Temuera Morrison (Tom Curry), Kiersey Clemmons (Iris West), and Sasha Calle (Supergirl).

The Flash Release Date and Where You Can Watch It

On November 4, 2022, “The Flash” will be released in theatres. Unlike the other Warner Bros. films scheduled for release in 2021, “The Flash” is planned to have a limited theatrical run before being shown on HBO Max. Those who want to watch it on the big screen rather than stream it will have to wait until the 45-day theatrical window is passed.

The Flash Trailer

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