The Last Kingdom, a Netflix Vikings series currently in its fifth season, will witness the return of established cast members as well as the introduction of a few new characters.

The tale follows Uhtred, a young Viking who was raised by Vikings after being caught during a raid on England as a young man.

Uhtred goes on an epic journey to retrieve his birthright against the backdrop of warring English kingdoms and rivalry, which Alfred the Great wants to reconcile.

Season five picks up several years after the previous series when the Danes and Saxons’ long-standing peace appears to be jeopardized.

King Edward wants to finish what his father started and unite all of the Saxon kingdoms, but Saxon revolts and Danish invasions could devastate both sides of the North Sea.

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The fifth season opens in a time of hard-won peace between the Danes and the Saxons, but Uhtred is uneasy, and he can’t shake the feeling that something ominous is lurking over his settlement, making him fearful for the safety of his people, especially his children.

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The Cast: The Last Kingdom’s Fifth Season?

Uhtred is played by Alexander Dreymon.

This season, King Edward’s illegitimate son has been committed to Uhtred’s protection.

Uhtred will confront his foes while learning more about his own past and future.

When Dreymon took up the part of Uhtred, he was a relatively unknown actor. In the third season of American Horror Story, he starred as Luke Ramsey.

In addition to Blood Ransom, Heartlock, and Horizon Line, he has appeared in the films Blood Ransom, Heartlock, and Horizon Line.

Lady Aelswith is played by Eliza Butterworth.

Butterworth’s character is poised to return, despite being poisoned in season four.

Shots for the news season show’s promotion. Aelswith appears to be fragile and old, so it’s unclear if she’ll make it to season six.

Butterworth had appearances as Holly in one episode of DCI Banks and as Hester in the miniseries The North Water, both of which were unknown at the time of casting.

She’ll also appear in the crime drama A Town Called Malice, which will be released next year.

Brida is played by Emily Cox.

This season, Brida will undertake an anti-Christian crusade, which will be quite brutal.

Cox has a long list of German film and television credits, most notably as Emily in the comic series Jerks.

Alma & Oskar, The Primary Talent, and I Know Your Face are three of her upcoming projects.

Finan is played by Mark Rowley.

Rowley will reprise his role as Finan, Uhtred’s devoted sidekick.

He is most known for playing Alexander Stuart in the epic historical series The Spanish Princess, which followed Catherine of Aragon prior to her marriage to Henry VIII.

Sihtric, Arnas Federavicius

Sihtric, another of Uhtred’s allies, is likewise played by Federavicius. In the Swedish series Thicker Than Water, Federavicius played Andrus.

Season five will feature many more of the show’s regulars that viewers have grown to love over the last seven years.

Timothy Innes portrays King Edward, Cavan Clerkin portrays Father Pyrlig, Adrian Schiller portrays Aethelhelm, Millie Brady portrays Lady Aethelflaed, Ruby Hartley portrays Stiorra, Ewan Mitchell portrays Osferth, Finn Elliot portrays Young Uhtred, Eysteinn Sigurdarson portrays Sigtryggr, James Northcote portrays Aldhelm, Stefanie Martini portrays Ea

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 Official Trailer

What are the names of the new cast members?

More Danes and Saxons with difficult-to-pronounce names and new faces are being added to the cast.

Aelfweard is played by Ewan Horrocks.

King Edward’s son, Aelfweard, has recently become 18 years old. He could be the heir to Edward’s throne, but he’s more concerned with winning his father’s approval.

Horrocks is a very inexperienced actor, having been in only one previous production, the Roman history drama Domina, in which he played a teenage Drusus.

Father Benedict is played by Patrick Robinson.

The Christian priest has traveled from Rome to Rumcofa to convert the pagan populace.

Robinson had previously been on Casualty for a lengthy time, from 1990 until 2014. In 2020, he starred in the comedic drama series The Trouble With Maggie Cole.

Aelfwynn is played by Phia Saban.

Aelfwynn is the granddaughter of Alfred the Great and the daughter of Aethelflaed. She is a rebellious adolescent who will defy the royal bloodline’s expectations.

Phia makes her screen acting debut in The Last Kingdom.

Aethelstan is played by Harry Gilby.

In the fifth season, Aethelstan, King Edward’s illegitimate son, is handed to Uhtred.

Gilby portrayed a young J.R.R. Tolkein in the 2019 biopic of the same name. He also appeared on Casualty for a few episodes.

Cynlaef is played by Ryan Quarmby.

Cynlaef is a youthful warrior and Aelfwynn’s prospective love interest.

Quarmby previously played Miles in Rebel Cheer Squad and had a supporting role in the thriller Five Pillars.

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