Yorgos Lanthimos, who also helmed Dogtooth and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, directed the romantic drama The Lobster, which features a cast that includes Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Léa Seydoux, and John C. Reilly, among others. In the 2015 movie The Lobster, single individuals have 45 days to find a companion before they are turned into creatures and sent into the wild. I had several requests to write an article on this movie, and I eventually started. The Lobster’s storyline and resolution are described below.


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What is the plot of the movie The Lobster?

The Lobster is a parody of modern society, which subtly suggests that having a family is the only way to live a full and meaningful life. People who are happily single frequently hear encouraging words like “don’t worry, hang in there, you will undoubtedly meet your perfect companion one day.”

Finding your mate is a huge accomplishment that everyone seems to have to make. This includes purchasing a home, a vehicle, a kid, and other items in many Asian nations. Due to this cultural pressure, a lot of individuals end up in relationships they are not actually satisfied with. The world of Lobster is one in which finding a mate is a milestone that is taken very seriously.

The Lobster’s description of the world’s laws

By a certain age, everyone must find a life partner.

Couples reside in the city and lead “normal” lives, which represents an active society. Couples must share characteristics. The resemblance could be as arbitrary as a nosebleed. This is meant to highlight how relationships may become superficial in an effort to fit in.

Everyone who is single is confined to a hotel and given 45 days to find a companion. The newlyweds must endure two weeks in a shared room before spending two further weeks alone on a boat to demonstrate their love for one another.

Couples that frequently fight and bicker will also be given a kid since it helps to lessen the fights. (I’m not kidding; I have acquaintances who had kids because they couldn’t get along with their wives.)

Singles are changed into the animal of their choice and freed if they are unable to locate a counterpart. The film continues by explaining how many animals today were previously people.

Although it is officially forbidden to masturbate within the hotel, getting a regular lap dance from the maid is required since it is thought that this combination will hasten the mating process.

By finding a Loner, Hotel occupants can extend their stay by a number of days.

The Resistance is the loners. They advocate being independent and free, but they are the exact reverse. Loners think it’s inappropriate for individuals to date or fall in love. They believe that the only way to be right is to be single.

I recognize that the world seems utterly ridiculous. I suppose it’s simply a matter of perception. Similar to Black Mirror, it represents both extremes of our world’s ideas. When we consider the romantic perspective, Her is another film that springs to mind.

Why did that woman shoot the donkey, Lobster?

The movie doesn’t clarify, but based on what I understand, the donkey is the woman’s previous spouse. They became single as a result of the divorce. She hooked up unhappily with someone else to stay human while he went gone and decided to turn into a donkey. She now holds him accountable for her sad existence and decides to murder him. I apologize if I came out as Sherlock there. Did she, however, actually know which of the donkeys was her husband? Maybe not. The image also demonstrates how animals do not share in the legitimacy of human existence.

The Lobster’s Story: A Summary


David checks into the hotel with a dog that used to be his brother and has recently ended a 12-year relationship. He appears anxious to meet a companion but is aware that he lacks any distinguishing physical characteristics or a habit.

What is the significance?

David decides to transform into a lobster because they can live for more than 100 years, have blue blood like nobles, and remain fruitful their entire lives. David is considering buying himself as much time as possible to locate a partner, even when his human days are over. He values it to the extent that he does.

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In The Lobster, how are people changed into animals?

It is thought that the essential organs are removed once the skin of the person has been removed, using a method specific to the chosen animal. After that, the body’s remnants are destroyed, and the blood is given to hospitals.

Although this is the way it is thought to work, it looks like a perfect corporate deception to cover up the organ harvesting of people who are not deserving of society. Maybe nobody really changes; they’re just eliminated.

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