The Duttons never seem to have a good time.

Yellowstone is a hit western drama on the Paramount Network that follows the central family as they fight land developers and politicians who want to take over the family ranch. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is frequently entrusted with safeguarding the land that has been in his family for generations, but he is far from the only one who has issues.

Jamie Dutton’s (Wes Bentley) girlfriend Christina (Katherine Cunningham) was discovered to be pregnant near the end of season 2. Jamie’s preparations were thrown off by the surprise, especially after the hardship he put his sister Beth (Kelly Reilly) through when he sterilized her without her consent.

The Missing Character on Yellowstone Season 3

Going into the third season, the notion that he was about to have his own child was a fascinating proposition. However, even though the season finale is over, people still have a lot of concerns about what happened.

Christina, where are you?

Yellowstone’s third season concluded on a cliffhanger. But there’s one unanswered question from season 2: what’s up with Christina and the baby?

Jamie advised Christina to keep the pregnancy a secret when it was first revealed. He didn’t even tell his sister Beth about it, perhaps because he was afraid of how she would respond to his future motherhood after he had taken away her choice. The funny thing is that Christina and the baby aren’t even addressed in the third season. Fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the suddenly forgotten narrative (via CountryLiving).

The Missing Character on Yellowstone Season 3

Granted, with a program like Yellowstone, there’s only so much time to give to each character. While some may see Christina’s departure as a plot hole, she may appear again soon.

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Christina could soon be back in Yellowstone.

Although Christina and the pregnancy plotline were absent from Season 3, it’s likely that the plot thread will be picked up in Season 4, which is set to premiere next year. Although the baby was not directly addressed in the third season, it did provide insight into Jamie’s character and why he chose to keep the pregnancy hidden.

Actor Wes Bentley discussed Jamie Dutton’s current emotional journey as part of Yellowstone’s official “Behind the Story” featurettes on YouTube.

“I suppose Jamie had resigned himself to being single for the rest of his life,” Bentley added. “I don’t think he can put a kid together in the moment, save that he knows the youngster is in danger.”

The Missing Character on Yellowstone Season 3
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There’s also the issue of how having his own child will impact Beth. In the short term, it’s likely to cause a lot of havoc. However, Twitter user @JMatthews 10 makes an intriguing prediction for the series’ future: “Calling [it] now, Jamie manages to wrangle the baby from Christina and hand it over to Beth to raise.”

Intriguingly, as the fourth season of Yellowstone began production in September 2020, the production issued a casting call for twin kid actors. When a show needs a baby, it’s not uncommon for twins to be cast, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Christina returns with a bundle of joy for Jamie to deal with. Keep a watch out for additional information on Yellowstone season 4, which is set to debut next summer.

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