Plot Summary for The Penthouse Season 4

The Penthouse: War in Life is centered on a luxury penthouse condominium or condo with 100 floors, where a large number of families stay at the Hera Royal Palace. The residents of the palace have ambitions and dark secrets. The plot is around the unity and retribution of females who turn bad in order to protect their children.

Penthouse 3 focuses on the residents of Hera Place after they have completed their tests, as well as their children who are preparing for the college entrance exam.

Just as Shim Su-Ryeon, who faked her death in Season 1, thinks she may finally live happily ever after, Logan Lee (Park Eun-Seok) and Oh Yoon-hee die directly in front of her eyes. What will be the fates of the Hera Palace owners now that they have been released from prison, as their passions grow and more supernatural beings enter their lives?


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Shim Su-Ryeon has now exacted vengeance on her best friend Oh Yoon-hee and eliminated Joo Dan-Tae from her life. Season 4 of The Penthouse may feature a fresh life-or-death battle for the kids. Yoon Be-yeol has lost both of her parents, and she may blame Bae Rona for it. SBS has already surprised us with a number of such surprises.

Bae Rona, as well as Seok Hyeon, are still important to Shim Su-Ryeon. We’ll see what happens to Seok Kyung in the fourth episode, whether she supports Bae Rona or opposes her. The untold story of Min-Hyuk and Yoo Jenny will be revealed in Season 4 of The Penthouse. In Season 4, Hye-in will also make his debut. Her function is currently unknown.

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Season 4 premiere date for The Penthouse

On The Penthouse Season 4, there is currently no verification. Season 4 of The Penthouse has no set premiere date.

The Penthouse: War In Life is the first television drama produced by SBS. In October of 2020, the first season debuted. It was previously announced that the program would run for three periods. At the start of this month, Season 2 of The Penthouse came to a close. 5.69 million people came in during the second period. The series was ranked eighth among the top 50 Korean television series by total viewers across the country. From the first episode on February 19, 2021, through the last episode, the dramatization ranked top among all-channel mini-series 13 times in succession.

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Is Season 4 of The Penthouse confirmed?

SBS has not renewed Penthouse for the fourth season at the time of creation. Before this season, the studio said unequivocally that a fourth season would not be produced. Fans, on the other hand, are optimistic that Season 4 of The Penthouse will air in the near future. In their defense, the re-release of successful titles has become the industry standard. Recently, a number of hit collections have been recovered via public request methods. There may be no confirmation on The Penthouse Period four for the time being.

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